Paul Jacobs asked Patch to post these links for information on an issue coming before the Temecula City Council:

Brenda June 02, 2013 at 05:58 AM
All comes down to getting the "GOLD" Balanced right in the big City Hall right? We are broke we are broke! We have how many more million dollar residents, ranches, farms who pay taxes, how many more business's, triple, quadruple, on and on that pay taxes, and some very large business's at that for YEARS. Yet Murietta and Menifee with just the few they have can manage to not only put in side walks, AND ALSO ACTULLY Listen their residents, instead of call them names like Paul has been, concerns and respond to them. Hell we are just now getting some attention to our driving issues with running red lights, speeding, not stopping at stop signs, driving drunk, high, or wreeklessly causing deaths and serious injuries to walkers, bike riders, skate board, scooter riders, wheelchairs, motor bike riders, and other cars. But how many lives were lost or severly disabled until we just now the last 2 weeks have been giving traffic details for different areas, cell phone details, etc. Lucky to get some sidewalks finished in 10 years if someone doesnt figure out where our "Gold" is we all pay in. And stop calling names people at the City meetings to Paul or anyone else trying to get our City to do what its there for. By the time someone in your own family is killed they will be laughing at you for standing up asking for sidewalks right? Just like on the "Patch" comment areas, always calling names instead of sticking with your fellow Temeculites and getting us something DONE! Before we loose more lives


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