If you are afraid of getting cancer  and a lot of people are I will tell you two ways how to prevent yourself from developing it. 

I was at Kaiser on Friday for my final checkup for my cancer, I had stage 3 Colon Cancer.  I had a new doctor this time and he said that I was an unusual patient because I had stage 3 colon cancer and had no Chemo. In my conversation with him I was surprised that he was aware that our bodies have to be in a oxidized alkaline environment in order to keep us from developing cancer.  He told me that we can keep our bodies in that environment by eating the correct foods and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables a 100 % of the time, and I knew that. I have been doing my best at practicing it since I discovered I had cancer,  I have changed my life style approximately 50 to 60  percent.  He told me that all of his cancer patients have a body PH between 4 & 5 PH, which is acidic, and I knew that.  You see your body has to be in an alkaline environment of 7 to 8 PH in order to be in that state of not developing cancer, which I knew.  He also told me that one out of every two people will get cancer, which I knew.  So he was aware of the balanced PH that our bodies must have in order to not develop cancer, this is the first way of not developing cancer.   By the way I was completely clear of any cancer cells and the question is WHY especially with no Chemo.  This is the second part of keeping you from developing cancer.  The reason is simple, it was not because I have totally changed my life style by eating totally correct, NO it is because I have been drinking a lot of Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant, Micro-Clustered water which puts oxygen in my body and because of the alkaline water it allows my body to be at a balanced 7.5 to 8 PH alkaline state and in that environment the cancer cells cannot develop.  That was discovered in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg.  IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT GETTING CANCER AND YOU SHOULD BE THEN COME BY THE “ALKALINE WATER  STORE” IN OLD TOWN TEMECULA AT 42030 MAIN ST. STE F, AND TALK TO US OR GO TO MY WEB SITE AT: www.drinkthewater.co  OR COME TO OUR FREE EDUCATIONAL PRESENATION THIS TUESDAY NIGHT AT 6:30 PM AT 39755 MURRIETA HOT SPRINGS RD., MURRIETA AT THE DOCTORS CONVENTION CENTER WHERE THE BIG FLAG POLE IS.     


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