Birdsall Car Jacking

Anyone have any info on the car jacking at knife point Monday night at Birdsall?

Shannan Buffolino October 16, 2013 at 05:53 PM
I love that you did this type of questioning on here on the patch. I always see "suspicious " activity, then I see helicopters, wonder what is going on, and if the acitvity or cars, people are somehow linked. Here are a couple of things I did report..This was not on monday, but late saturday night, and could possibly be linked since it was kinda like a getaway type move..I couldnt believe it. This is documented, I didnt call the non-emergency, I called 911 for this EMERGENCY. I usually just call suspicious in to non emergency.,..anyway, saturday night, (I forgot what time I called) I heard from my window, extremely loud screeching, then honking, and wheels etc ,,,a speeding car, which was a small red car, and I couldnt see the plates or type because it was dark and they PURPOSELY HAD THEIR HEADLIGHTS TURNED OFF, came flying off of pechanga pkwy, on to WOLF CREEK ROAD (NOT WOLF VALLEY) and about a block down on wolf creek road, their is a left turn street, before redwood, and it turned down that little street, back into the neighborhood. If ANYONE was walking, and crossing that little street, and in mid crossing, that car would have HIT AND KILLED THEM, because it did not slow down at all on the turns, and it had to be going over 50 mph or more , I dont know the speed, I only know they went too fast for me to even see anything other than it was a small red car, and i do think I saw 4 doors... To me, there is really very few explanations for what that car did. It was obviously trying to get away from someone or not been seen on pechanga pkwy, so it turns its lights off, quickly turns on side street with lights off, RAN THE RED LIGHT THERE, obviously because other cars screeched and honked, and went back into the neighborhood, where it could cut through and get back into a neighborhood where they either live, or someone else lives, and go into their garage, DONE, record time! who knows maybe they were practicing for the car jacking that took place in just 2 days after that. But whatever they did or planned, it was definitely a crime on someone. and if that wasnt it, then they were drinking or drugs, and saw a police and did that to get away, in which case, attempted to do something that would have killed anyone walking and I dont know how they didnt lose control on the turns and not crash into the houses at the corner...which doesnt seem like a drunk driver could do that.
Shannan Buffolino October 16, 2013 at 05:53 PM
what are the details of the car jacking?


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