Temecula Valley Woman’s Club Joins Forces with Local Schools in Special Pinwheel Project

Temecula, CA . . . As the nation marked April as “Prevent Child Abuse” month, the Temecula Valley Woman’s Club (TVWC) partnered with parents and faculty of the Tony Tobin Elementary School in Temecula to boost awareness of this issue in a positive, colorful way.  Nine other preschools in the Temecula Valley participated in the Pinwheel Project as well, and the TVWC is holding a contest with special prizes and recognition for participating in this event.

The TVWC’s Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Committee (DVAP) was excited to be invited by Principal, Mike McTasney and fellow staff member Therese Fairbanks to help Tony Tobin create their pinwheel garden. Approximately 900 students from grades one through  five made colorful pinwheels and planted their special garden, which was viewable on April 28th.  DVAP Committee members along with school staff members and parent volunteers gathered to prepare for this very special “planting” on April 22nd.  Once all the materials were in place, the students created the pinwheels and decorated the school landscape with the pinwheels along with blue ribbons.

DVAP began the pinwheel program locally three years ago with several Temecula Valley preschools because they discovered that 80% of children in the United States, who die as a result of abuse/neglect, are under the age of four.   

The pinwheel signifies awareness about prevention and healthy child development.  We can be the energy that makes the pinwheel spin. “A pinwheel needs wind. And with our actions and our intentions we can be that wind. We have to be those agents of change for the young people and their families in our communities.” – Josh Charles, actor.

The DVAP Committee was in charge of providing the materials for the project, and was very grateful for the donations made by both Home Depot in Murrieta and Dunn and Edwards.  “We are so grateful to these local businesses, and it truly did make this a community project,” shared Claudia Thunnell of TVWC.  “We hope the community enjoyed these pinwheel gardens and spent a little time sharing the meaning of these gardens with their friends and families.”

For more information on the Temecula Valley Woman’s Club, please visit our website, tvwc.com or call 951-302-1370.



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