The real story of SHAMROCK

SHAMROCK was grabbing a change of close after all his belongings were stolen from one of his many clever locations he called home while being homeless. Never would have got caught if those two gay security guards werent peeking under over and through the dressing room he was in. Those "security" guards admited thats how they caught him and it is legal to peek on people changing in dressing rooms, otherwise a change of clothes and a shower, which is a treat for anyone who is homeless, would have been a smooth mission accomplished. I know stealing is against the law, but sometimes its not wrong. There was no fight with security guards, while walking out the north facing door of macys, outside towards his ride, he was rushed from behind by the 2 homosexual security guards and placed up against the wall. They must have enjoyed that, "behind" "placed up against the wall" ... I will continue this tommorow
Alek J Hidell July 24, 2013 at 01:41 AM
"I know stealing is against the law, but sometimes it's not wrong".... Shammie, I know that kicking some wretched thief until he spits out his molars is against the law, but its only wrong if the cops catch me.....right? After all, laws were made to be broken. Take good care, my brotha, and SMILE.


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