Dark Clouds Portend More Rain in Temecula

Isolated showers were expected Friday afternoon, with temperatures expected to climb no higher than 67 degrees.

Ominous black clouds moved across the skies in Temecula Friday, promising some more rain in the afternoon and evening, the National Weather Service reported.

Residents were warned to keep watch for slick roads and patchy fog Friday afternoon and evening, once the skies open, according to forecasters.

A low pressure system will keep cooler weather in the valley and cause scattered showers, the NWS reported.

The clouds should make way Saturday for sunny skies, with the temperature expected to reach a balmy 80 degrees, normal for Temecula in the fall.

On Sunday, the mercury is expected to climb to 92 degrees, hovering there before dipping slightly on Tuesday to 89 degrees, then shooting up again to 92 degrees Wednesday and 94 degrees on Thursday, the NWS reports.

Goldstein October 13, 2012 at 04:26 AM
Perfect weather for the outdoor flea market antique show at Granny's Attic at 28450 Felix Valdez, Temecula. See you tomorrow (Saturday).
trenchf00t October 13, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Mmm, ominous, black clouds. Dark portents. But a sunny, balmy savior may yet be visible on the horizon! If one is ordered to write 100 words about the weather, this is how it's done, folks! :P


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