Sunny Skies For The Valley Sunday

The apex of the week's hot weather was reached Saturday, when the mercury climbed to 90 degrees but Sunday, though cooler, will still be early summer warm.

Sunday in Murrieta and Temecula valleys is expected to be a hot 87 degrees, with lots of sun, forecasters said, making it a day to be outdoors, but wear plenty of sunscreen.

Though forecasters had predicted a strong Santa Ana event, winds have not been strong this weekend and north winds Sunday are expected to reach only 5 mph, becoming calm later in the day.

Nighttime temperatures -- as they have been doing since the fall - will drop to the lower 50s and a mostly clear sky will be seen overhead, the National Weather Service reported.

A south wind is expected to blow at 10 to 15 mph, with light, variable breezes gusting as high as 20 mph.


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