Temecula to Hold Citizen Corps Field Day Drill

The Temecula Citizen Corps (TCC) is hosting their 2012 Field Day Drill on Saturday

City of Temecula Press Release                                   

The Temecula Citizen Corps will hold its 2012 Field Day Drill on Saturday.

The event will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Roripaugh Fire Station 95, 32131 S. Loop Road.

The TCC was created after President Bush, following 9/11, put out a call for Citizen Corps programs to be developed in communities around the nation.

"Temecula’s program is somewhat unique because the TCC combines neighborhood watch along with emergency management response capabilities," Mayor Chuck Washington wrote in a news release.

"This program is set up to enhance the City’s emergency response capabilities by providing trained volunteers who can help with emergency response, sheltering and support of Police and Fire operations during a large scale emergency."

The event ... is intended to simulate an emergency and TCC members will be testing their emergency communication capabilities along with exercising their skills with first aid, CPR and other critical response skills, the news release states.

The TCC currently has 54 Disaster Service Workers who are able to respond to emergencies, plus 169 active members who are working on becoming Disaster Service Workers and who can provide support as needed.

These dedicated volunteers generously donate their time, attend meetings and regularly train for emergencies.

These individuals have the training and ability to assist First Responders and the citizens of Temecula if needed during an emergency.

In addition, 425 individuals have received three days of Community Emergency Response Training, a ...  program that provides the necessary skills to learn how to shelter in place and be self-sufficient in the event of an emergency. 

"The TCC program has been in existence for over a decade and we are proud of the work that all the TCC volunteers do," Mayor Pro Tem Mike Naggar stated.

"I know I sleep better at night just knowing we have these dedicated citizens available to help our community."


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