Valentine's Day Event Planned at Temecula Museum

Feb. 11 is the date for a family fun day at the Temecula Valley Museum, where Velentine's Day, from its history to arts and crafts creativity, is planned.

A few days before Valentine's Day, which falls on Feb. 14 every year, the Temecula Vallley Museum will hold a family fun day, sponsored by the city's Community Services Department.

Part of the festivities planned for Feb. 11 is a brief talk on the history of Valentine's Day.

St.Valentine was a Christian martyred by the Romans for celebrating love at a time when the emperor discouraged matches because he wanted more soldiers for his armies.

There will also be crafts on hand for making creative Valentine's gifts for loved ones and friends, according to city officials.

The museum will be open all day -- 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. -- as will

The Temecula Valley Museum is at 28314 Mercedes Street in


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