WATCH: Couple Renews Wedding Vows At Home Depot

Brian and Brooke Blackmore renewed their vows on their 10-year wedding anniversary Thursday night at the Home Depot in Temecula.

They met at Home Depot, he proposed at Home Depot, they were married at Home Depot ... and on Valentine’s Day 2013, they renewed their wedding vows at Home Depot.

“I will never have another 10-year anniversary, so I want to share it with those who are special to us,” said Brian Blackmore, moments before he walked down the aisle of the Temecula Home Depot garden center Thursday night with wife Brooke on his arm.

About 50 friends, family, Home Depot employees and store customers turned out to witness the Anza couple say “I do” inside the big box retailer on Temecula Parkway, this time with Assistant Pastor Mark Neer of Back Country Fellowship officiating.

As customers milled about nearby, the 6 p.m. ceremony got underway inside the massive industrial-like building that was artfully staged for a wedding with seasonal flowers, an arbor that substituted for an altar, and tall potted plants that encircled a makeshift seating area tucked away near the super-sized bags of potting soil and fertilizer. 

For Brooke, the night was “sort of” a surprise. She knew they were renewing their vows at the Home Depot, but she didn’t know the extent Brian had gone to.

After all, the proposal of marriage and the first wedding ceremony seemed pretty simple: A little over 10 years ago, the couple was living together when Brian popped the question inside a Northern California Home Depot where he worked.

“There was a plant he wanted to show me for our place, so he got me into a little corner of the store and got down on bended knee,” Brooke explained.

The wedding that followed a few weeks later at store #650 in Carmichael, Calif., was also simple romance.

“I had two weeks to put it together,” Brooke explained. Finding a wedding venue proved impossible, so she suggested to Brian, “Let’s get married at Home Depot.”

The couple tied the knot at the Carmichael store on Feb. 14, 2003.

The marriage may have been fate. “I was looking for a lug nut for my son’s scooter,” Brooke laughed, as she recalled first meeting Brian at his place of work.

As the pair publicly proclaimed their mutual love and respect again Thursday, they were emotional during long gazes into each other’s eyes.

The tears were no surprise to Temecula Home Depot store manager Marcella Kinzie.

“They are so cute – such a happy couple,” she said, noting that Home Depot corporate fully supported the event.

Brian asked Kinzie several weeks ago if he could utilize the store for the ceremony.

Who could tell him no?

Brian is not only a former Home Depot employee, he is now an electrical contractor who buys from the Temecula store nearly every day, Kinzie said.

“Brian has been a long-term valued customer,” she added. “The store is honored to part of their special moment. I wish the happy couple many more years of happiness. Connecting to our community is always important to us at the Home Depot.”

Michelle O’Donnell works in the store’s garden center, and she served as wedding coordinator for Thursday’s big event. She said employees and customers share a special bond.

“We are all family here,” she explained. “There’s a saying at Home Depot: ‘We all bleed orange.’”

Keith Richardson also turned out Thursday night to witness his friends renew their commitment to each other. He was floored when he got a wedding invite to the Home Depot soiree, but said the ceremony was “so them.”

However, Richardson probably won’t copy his friends when it comes time for his own vows renewal.

“Me and my wife will probably get married at the beach.”

Wanda Crawford February 15, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Congratulations you two, you are truly an awesome couple!
Alek J Hidell February 15, 2013 at 10:50 PM
"We all bleed orange".......? Strangest thing I've read all day... Still, congratulations..... Honeymoon behind the sheds?..... kidding.


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