Hurricane Sandy Could Affect Flights for San Diego Airport

Flight cancellations affecting San Diego International Airport would be noted on its website.

While the East Coast girds for power outages and damage from Hurricane Sandy, officials at Lindbergh Field in San Diego -- many Temecula residents use that airport -- could be bracing for their own flood of issues.

About 5,000 flights have already been canceled nationwide, with an unknown number connected to San Diego International Airport. Thousands more were expected to be grounded Monday and Tuesday, according to Huffington Post.

People who want to check on the status of their flights can check with their airlines or go to Lindbergh Field’s flight status website.

An independent site, FlightAware, also carries information on canceled flights but was overwhelmed with requests Sunday afternoon.

Sandy is barreling toward the Northeast—threatening dozens of towns covered by the Patch network of community websites.  If you have family or friends in any of the Patch towns, you can check how they are doing by visiting Patch.com and looking through the list.

For example, Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday ordered the evacuation of low-lying areas of New York City. For details, see Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch.

Meanwhile, tell us what your East Coast friends are doing to prepare for Sandy. Any of them heading here to ride out the storm?

Brenda October 29, 2012 at 08:57 AM
Use a Patch article to connect with relatives or close friends a day after it hits? Just a thought with phones being down, cell sites down, and the time it takes to fix them and people are frantic for news from them. Is there a way to add an article area where family members out here in California or all over the USA connected to The Patch could connect with each other if they are unable to reach them?. I only say that because with the services that are shut down during a catastrophe, then the ones that go out after being tossed across two states and even cell service will be sporatic. So, if Mary Jane hasnt heard from her sister Cathy Sue, she can make a post on this area of the Patch and say looking for word from Cathy Sue my sister seeing if all is ok. Hopefully Cathy Sue reads it and can reply back everything is fine. Also when they do all go back up, the phone and cell services, you get constant "Sorry but all circuits are busy, please try your call again later". Was just a thought and I hope everyone back there gets the blow up boats and intertubes filled up and ready to float and tie that thing to something cemented 4 ft deep. Be Safe


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