Temecula Tourism Touted By Officials

Yearly Temecula Valley travel spending totals $625.3 million, according to the TVCVB.

Temecula Wine Country.  File photo.
Temecula Wine Country. File photo.

As the Temecula Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau heads into 2014, it is boasting a "credibly positive start."

The TVCVB, which is the tourism marketing organization for the area, announced Monday its newly inducted executive officers and directors.

The organization also touted "a continuing upward trend" of tourism in the area.

Comprised of Temecula Valley business leaders who volunteer their time, the newly inducted executive officers and the directors are part of the TVCVB governing board and include the following for 2014: Chairman, Ken Westmyer (Quality Inn Temecula Valley Wine Country); First Vice Chairmen Cherise Manning (A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure, Hot Air Ballooning), and Tom DeMott (Temecula Creek Inn); Second Vice Chairman, Denis Ferguson (Embassy Suites Temecula Valley Wine Country); Treasurer, Bill Wilson, (Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards); Secretary, Melody Brunsting (Melody’s Ad Works).

The TVCVB board of directors also includes Grant Channing (Pechanga Resort & Casino); Kym Espinosa (Promenade Temecula); Krissie Guerra (SpringHill Suites by Marriott); John Kelliher (The Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle); Kathy Lindeman (Holiday Inn Express Temecula); Crystal Magon (South Coast Winery Resort & Spa); Carlos Palma (Palomar Inn Hotel); Craig Puma (The Bank Mexican Restaurant and Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ); Robert Renzoni (Robert Renzoni Vineyards); Brad Smith (Temecula Downs); and Jan Smith (Inland Management Group).

“With newly inducted executive officers and directors; a continuing upward trend for revenue, hotel occupancy, and average daily rate; and optimism for the foreseeable future, the new year begins with a credibly positive start,” announced Kimberly Adams, TVCVB president and CEO. 

According to a news release from the TVCVB, Temecula Valley tourism generates more than a half-billion dollars yearly in travel spending by non-residents into the Temecula Valley economy and supports more than 6,500 local jobs.

The TVCVB defines travel spending as monies spent locally by non-resident overnight travelers and visitors traveling more than 50 miles one-way from their homes. Average travel spending in Temecula Valley is estimated at $371 per person per trip staying overnight at a Temecula Valley resort, hotel or motel; and $131 per person per trip for those making a day trip, according to the TVCVB.

Yearly Temecula Valley travel spending totals $625.3 million, according to the TVCVB. Of this, lodging accommodations bring in $63 million yearly; arts, entertainment, and recreation (concerts, hot air balloon flights, golf, wine tours, and other activities), $233 million yearly; restaurant dining from travel spending, $105 million yearly; and retail travel spending (in retail stores, boutiques, at wineries and winery gift shops), $71 million yearly, according to the TVCVB. The numbers were gleaned from the years 2000 through 2012 and were prepared for the TVCVB by Dean Runyan Associates.


TemeKoala January 27, 2014 at 10:36 PM
You got me good I have got to admit. I will no longer be disrespectful I am sorry, you are forever my daddy. And I love Obama!
TemeKoala January 27, 2014 at 10:50 PM
How bout them apples?
Artemis Gordon January 28, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Multiple Helos are flying over wine country Right Now spraying pesticides over the orchards, And neighboring residential homes and streets. I wonder how the tourists like breathing that. Or do they prefer breathing Valley Fever Spores from all the dirtbike riders, plowing and tractor work who Never put down water to control the dust. How many of you have dust filed homes or intentionally inhale carcinogenic pesticides?
Temecula farmer January 28, 2014 at 12:25 PM
Hey Artemis, you may not realize that farming is the number 1 industry in California. We can get rid of all the farming if you like, that would make you happy I am sure! Then you can get all your fruit and veggys from China or third world countries. Oh, and they use DDT and have no regulations at all. You might GLOW at night but at least you won't have dust in your home. Or better than that, why don't you move to tract homes far far away from those rotton Farmers. Too bad there are people like you who love to demonize an industry that is known as the best in the world!!
sam January 29, 2014 at 12:10 AM
Just what we need more traffic, we can hardly get around town as it is and they are building the Agenda 21 required Stack'em and Pack'ems behind Home Depot and more to come on DePortola. Inviting more low income families, more crime and more traffic and more tourists. They are killing Temecula and our way of life here and in Murrieta as well. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


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