So Cal Kids Management/Vickie Vangeison

Many of you have met or know :  Adam Taylor. 

He is in fourth grade this year.  He home schools to allow for a very busy schedule of auditions, photo shoots,and acting opportunities. 

He is currently working on an episode for an upcoming role on Sam & Cat which plays on Nickelodeon. He has worked in the business for 5 years now with countless commercials and print and voice over credits to his résumé 

Adams  first movie (ANGELS IN STARDUST) starring Alicia Silverston, Billy Burke and AJ Michalka will be released in selected theaters across the country on February 21st.  The subject matter is about a small town girl with big dreams:  bigger dreams then finding a man to make her whole.  She wants college.  She wants to be a writer.  Adam plays her little brother.  In the video trailer you get to see a few clips of some  of his scenes.  The link is below:


I am so proud of Adam!  What an exciting time in his life. He works hard, and puts in so much time and effort.  He keeps a strong and positive attitude and has an amazing family who supports and encourages him. 

Check out www.angelsinstardust.com


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