CUDA Automatic Aqueous Parts Washers

Top Load Washers
Top Load Washers

CUDA servicing all of So Cal! We are excited to bring the Ultimate Solvent Free cleaning option to all who need it. Truck shops, engine rebuilders, transmission shops, race teams, machine shops, will benefit greatly from our equipment. Automatic parts washing increases your bottom line! Employers find a safe, efficient way to clean parts and make more money! Techs double up on flat rate labor. Customers receive higher quality work via sparkling clean parts ensuring the best fit/seal/clean repair!

 We offer Parts Washer detergents for all types of washers too!

 ASK ABOUT OUR TRY IT AND BUY IT PROGRAMS! OUR LEASING COMPANY OFFERS A "NO MONEY DOWN" DEAL ON A MACHINE IF YOU TRY IT!! There are a lot of finance companies with high incentive to improve California's environment. Take advantage for your business, your health as well as everyone else's, by getting a CUDA today! CALL LAWRENCE TODAY 951) 970-78six7 and get things started. We would Love to serve your cleaning needs.


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