Handing Over Israel Piece by Piece for Peace

Israel is a safe heaven for oppressed Jews from around the world. Muslims can’t stand it. Neither, apparently, can the United Nations.

There is this little secular, democratic nation in the Middle East, seemingly taunting the surrounding Mullahs and dictators, while providing safe heaven for oppressed Jews from around the world. And Muslims can’t sand it. Neither, apparently, can the United Nations.

Almost every member of the United Nations backs the Palestinians, a non-state in the middle of the state of Israel. Why, because the Palestinians are poor, uneducated, oppressed and “occupied” by Israelis who throw rockets at them everyday? That’s the lie. Meanwhile, not one of their Arab neighbors offers any meaningful assistance to Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. No Arab nation has tried to assimilate refugees from the U.N.’s new “non-member observer state.” Jordan was supposed to be the homeland for Palestinians, yet it’s practically impossible for Palestinians to even travel to Jordan, Egypt, or anywhere else in the Muslim world, much less move there. Occasionally, the border with Egypt opens for a few hours, but usually, only guns, bullets and missiles cross into Gaza. Poor Palestinians; they should give peace a chance.

A note to President Obama, who seems somewhat ambivalent concerning the path to follow:

Mr. President,

 I am not Jewish, but I am a devout Zionist. I had the good fortune to travel in Israel, had breakfast with Ezer Weizman at his home in Caesarea, lunch with Menachem Begin in Jerusalem, and dinner with Moshe Dayan and his wife at their home near Tel Aviv – Moshe Dayan loved his Arab friends. I also met with the Commander of Air Base Etzion, which was handed over to Egypt along with the rest of the Sinai in order to make peace. I was extremely fortunate to meet these Israeli heroes; our conversations were enlightening, and for me, life changing. We visited Masada, a symbol of Jewish resolve, waded in the Dead Sea, walked in the Hassidic section of Jerusalem where I bought a Jewish Bible and read from its English translation, spent an eye-opening week in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv – modern, multicultural, friendly and safe – it felt like home. In the ancient port of Jaffa, we climbed down excavations into the past – when Jews and Arabs were all “Palestinians” living with their Roman conquerors. I discussed the Israeli dilemma with average citizens, Israeli soldiers, and heads of state. And no one could explain, adequately, reasonably, why any nation on earth would make it a goal to eradicate the Jewish people, or how anyone could legitimately conclude that the Jewish state is an occupying force in the area.

Mr. President, you have a difficult, but logical path to follow. Respectfully, I hope you have the courage and conviction to follow it by unequivocally supporting the state of Israel.

Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries that are ruled by despots and dictators, and overrun by renegade gangs of religious fanatics that hate America as much as they hate Israel. What are they afraid of – Israel’s success, determination, secularism, their Democracy, their formidable army? What, exactly? And why? Israel doesn’t proselytize or threaten anyone? Fortunately, it carries a big stick!

In 1967, at the conclusion of the Six Day War, Israeli forces had taken control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. The Arab plan is to take it all back piece by piece, and get rid of the Jews.

For now, Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank want to establish a state-within-a-state and share Israel's capital city. This is while Hamas, the Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization that governs the Gaza Strip lobs missiles into Israel – and the world complains when Israel retaliates. Two Muslim factions are fighting for control of their yet-to-be-established state of Palestine, and these self-declared enemies of Israel want to dictate the terms of Israel's capitulation – without recognizing Israel's right to exist! The United Nations sees nothing unusual about this, and many countries in Europe applaud their efforts.

Jordan wants peace, but still hasn’t declared an end to its decades old non-shooting war with Israel. Syria has been an implacable enemy of Israel forever. Lebanon is Syria’s dummy. And Iran has vowed to remove Israel from the face of the earth. Saudi Arabia – we’re not sure of their intentions – wouldn't let me into their country because of the Israeli stamp on my passport and the Tel Aviv Sheraton Hotel sticker on my luggage! The anti-Semites in the United Nations need someone to blame for their prejudice, ignorance and national failures. They can’t admit it, but they all need something to keep their “street” quiet, something other than their citizens’ missing freedoms.

Just a word about the “occupation” – It Isn’t! What if Mexico starts lobbing missiles into San Diego and starts calling us “occupiers?” Should we annex Southern California and give it back? Should we ask the United Nations what they think?

You may not agree with Benjamin Netanyahu – no matter, you don’t get to vote in Israeli elections. You do get to ask and work for world peace, justice, and democracy. As an American, that means you are pro-Israel, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, agnostic or atheist.

Happy Hanukkah!

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SPB December 18, 2012 at 11:04 PM
m, I agree. The fact of the matter is that the bible cannot be taken as a word for word account for modern living without completely upending human rights. The old testament was written for bronze age jews, not 21st century Americans. To allow it to dictate our foreign policy would be nuts. Oh, and to reply to a previous statement made by Kathi: The gypsies have been just as persecuted. They have suffered ethnic cleansing and banishment just like Jews. The Kurds are another. They've suffered quite a bit. We don't even need to get into all of the ethnic cleansing that occurred to various African cultures... oh, and I suppose quite a few Native American populations have had it a bit rough. When it comes down to it, lots of people have been wronged through out the course of history, but the answer to those wrongs cannot be to just screw a different group of people.
Kathi December 19, 2012 at 12:22 AM
mfriedrich, well interesting that you only find the 1 verse to like. The preceding ones also talk about how to treat people fairly. There are lots of verses of God's grace in Isaiah & other places as well & the New Testament is full of God's grace. The book of Ruth is also a story of grace & there are lots of others in both OT & NT. You might try reading it in context some time. You would find a lot more passages of God's grace & maybe some better understanding of the more difficult ones. & the bible is very relevant for today. Many of the commandments in the OT were for that specific time & situation. The NT makes it clear that we are not under law today but under grace. But there are lessons to learn from all of it. Also much of the OT was specifically for the nation of Israel. Don't know if you have ever read 1 Cor 13, the love chapter. I find the bible very relevant to my life today. Of course not everybody who says they believe & follow it actually does consistently--I know I fall short. But it does set a standard of love, not just praying for people, but reaching out & meeting their needs, putting other's 1st. All those tough things that don't come naturally to use. I find I need God's empowering to enable me to love when people abuse me, etc. But you are being like many today who want to pick things out of the context of the whole & put God on trial. The last few chapters of the book of Job are interesting in that regard.
Kathi December 19, 2012 at 12:32 AM
SPB, actually the bible can be taken as a guide, but yes, much of the OT was for the nation of Israel at that time. & yes, many others have been persecuted (you left out the Armenians) but I don't know of such ongoing attempts to not just persecute but to wipe them out, going back maybe 3000 years or so. Most of the ones you cite have been in the last 200 years & probably not as continuous attacks by many different nations over so long a time. & my point was not that it is an excuse to treat others badly, but rather an example of God's preserving them as He promised He would. I have already commented that the Palestinians have suffered, a lot of it because of the terrorists among them that caused Israel to take defensive steps to preserve themselves. Unfortunately many of the current Palestinian leaders--especially Hamas in Gaza don't care about their own people, but shoot rockets from populated areas--using their own people, whether voluntarily or not as human shields. There is no easy solution, but as others have said, if Israel laid down their arms they would be wiped out. If the Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be peace. Unfortunately many of the Palestinians, as other civilian populations have done in the past, are suffering because of what their leaders are doing, which brings retaliation. Israel has been very restrained in responding to the continual rocket attacks on populated areas.
SPB December 19, 2012 at 03:04 PM
I agree, the bible should be taken as a guide, which is why I find the notion of using it as a word for word account on how to conduct our domestic and foreign policies to be troubling. Square peg, round hole, etc etc. You have of course acknowledged the suffering of the Palestinians, but I think you are a little too eager too assume the good intentions of the state of Israel. The fact is the West Bank has done what you asked and laid down its arms. In exchange, all they have seen is more settlement building, water confiscation and farm razing. From a Palestinian perspective it shows that their only 2 options are living in squalor, or launching rockets while living in squalor. People in America always threaten violent revolution over much much less. I think people living in Southern Lebanon would disagree with you on that whole "restrained" notion. I'm not condoning the rocket attacks, just looking at their cause from the perspective of the people firing them.
SPB December 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
@ Jay, thats the thing, Palestinians and Jews are essentially the same people. We are all loud, talk with our hands, have awesome food and put family, education and tradition in high regard. Maybe the solution to the problem would be to make all Jews and Arabs in Israel/Palestine roommates for a week. Reality TV at its finest.


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