The Local Drug Dealer

Drug Dealers in our Neighborhoods

Suppose for a moment you live next door or across the street to a drug house?  Cars queue up in your street, left running with someone inside, at night they arrive and leave with their lights off,  speeding to and from the house.  Drug abusers loiter in front of your house, the unkept, disorientated and paranoid-acting visitors are the norm.  Car alarms and loud noises constantly disturb your sleep, and in the morning you might find derelicts sleeping it off in their cars.  It doesn’t matter if you are an aging home owner, Hispanic, Asian, White or African
American, you are in danger the moment step out your door and you know it. 

The pinnacle of this hell was reached this past Monday.  Cops stormed the house in hopes of arresting the supplier.  While several arrests were made, he was the armed man who got away and subsequently caused the lock down of a local elementary school.   I can’t image the fear the parents and children must have endured.  I know I was frightened when the helicopter scooped low telling us to get back into our homes.  Guns, drugs and children just don’t mix.   

The neighbor is back due to making bail and this leaves the block feeling so violated and frustrated.  Everyone on my street is a victim.  We want our block back and deserve so much more than this. 

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john blackwood February 08, 2013 at 03:41 AM
Get yourself together with your neighbors and make war .The cops are not going to help .Those cats that these peole sleep in . Carry your gun go up to the window and wake their butts up . Its your neighborhood take it back .You and your neighbors become the gang in the hood . Dont worrie they will not call the cops trust me .They are already wigged out .The drug dealer is nothing but a punk treat him like one .
Susan Veronica February 08, 2013 at 04:47 AM
The police have done a fantastic job. I am sure they were just as disappointed to see their all their time and hard word disappear so quickly. The HOA is more concerned with weeds than his shenanigans. The 3rd grader shouldn't be afraid to sleep in his bed because he's scared the bad man is going to shoot him. I will do whatever I have to make my street whole again.
Another Worried Mom February 08, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Families in a neighborhood like this have tried everything in their powers to eliminate the cancer and try to have a normal, peaceful living place. Instead, they continue to fight the battle year after year and it is truly devastating when after arrests are made, the dealer comes right back. My kids were in preschool when our neighbor moved in and now they are in the upper grades of elementary school. They do not play outside the house for fear of our neighbor and mostly his strung out, very verbal, and intimidating "friends". The smells and parties for hours on end most nights keep my kids awake in their beds. It's sad that the neighborhood has tried all avenues for help including our HOMEOWNERS Association without help. The police have done as much as they can and have done an incredible job. However, somehow the neighbor keeps coming home and leaves us all feeling like it will never end.
john blackwood February 08, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Tweakers are like a breed of idiots .Dont get me wrong they are unpredictable though .But there does come that time when you and your neighbors have to become the block gangbangers . The police have to dtay with in the laws yes but citizens dont .Its gonna be a war most likely not .Get your gang together become like the owls of the night . Video recording citizens arrests . You guys as a neighborhood need help . You want these suckas out get em out . If I knew were the street was Id help this is what neighborly freinds are for .
Concernedcitizen February 08, 2013 at 06:24 PM
I just can't get over that the HOA can't do anything? I've gotten letters about weeds and faded paint- but they can't help when you are in a dangerous situation? This thug is a homeowner? If he is a renter- you should be able to get him evicted? One idea is that you guys can get together and hire an offduty or retired police officer to sit on your street? Or even a gaurd to just sit on your corner? Maybe get the costco video cameras to tape your street and have it on record? This is not acceptable at all. I'd get your neighbors to ban together- Temeku doesn't know that this is happening there! A lot of my friends think it was the run-down neighborhood accross the street. Hope this gets resolved- hard working people living in a beautiful neighborhood should not have an on-going threat like this!!! I'm so sorry- hope to get it resloved for all of you on this street!!! Stay safe!!!


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