When are we going to crack down on drunk driving in Wine Country. We all know that people drive around all day from winery to winery, drinking at each one, and then drive home. I am tired of all the accidents and fatalities along Rancho California Road and in Wine Country.  I think enforcement is lax in order not to discourage people from coming here to spend money.  People are dying and suffering from life changing injuries.
Timber October 18, 2013 at 12:49 AM
Did the entire police force get fired ? Our society drives many miles more then we ever have and yet the number of ALL fatalities from motor vehicle crashes has declined. Even the fatalities from DUI 'related' crashes has declined over the years. Twice as many people die from sober driving crashes then from drunk driving crashes. Have you researched this issue? Did you contact the Riverside sheriff's Office to and inquire about their DUI enforcement operations outside the City of Temecula's limits?
Brenda October 20, 2013 at 05:21 AM
Roma you are spot on and I think at least one officer should be at each end of wine country, with also a few more stop signs and signal lights and lower the speed limit. Its like Disneyland there and the speed and police needs to provide coverage for that. The Wineries provide revenue for the City that two extra, or even one officer on duty during the busiest times is not impossible to make work. Matter a fact THAT should be a requirement that the wineries pay enough for the coverage of 2 officers. Just for one day I would love to see just how many drunks drive one way or the other out of Wine Country, as a test, no tickets given out but free rides home. Just to test how many drunk drivers drive through there on any given day.! Timber :) So good to see you my friend. I could agree with you on the lower of DUI deaths but all we did was add idiotic drivers who run red lights, stop signs, speed around town and turn right into others cars with right of way, hitting skaeboarders or or walkers, and on and on and on. I wont go on anymore, I promise! You get the idea as we are worse then ever. Timber our ranch should be able to be moved into by the end of November and I have my name on you for a cup of coffee or tea at our local coffee joint before I do leave!! Hope all is well with you hun, family, health, and all that darn stuff that if its not working right wrecks the heck out of having fun, LOL Hugs!
Justice For All October 22, 2013 at 08:44 AM
The wineries must be pouring more generously than the last time I went touring. A few years ago I visited 5 tasting rooms in an afternoon and would be very surprised if the total amount of wine tasted would fill two average wine glasses. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the bigger problem might actually occur when customers are allowed to purchase full bottles and consume wine outside, usually while picnicking. Maybe that could be curtailed somehow. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regardless, you'll have an uphill battle against the wineries and City Hall to get special DUI enforcement in that area. Wine Country is the key focal point of Temecula and generates a lot of tourist revenue. They won't do anything that might kill the golden goose. -- Good luck with that.
wolfcreek October 22, 2013 at 09:45 AM
Nobody provides any facts. How many alcohol related accidents have occurred in wine country. How many alcohol related fatalities have occurred? I think many more have occurred within the City Limits of Temecula.


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