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motorcycle accident 10-12-13 on 15 by Winchester

Does anyone know if the guy on the bike that was hit by the car on 15 s is OK it happened around 1130am Saturday they hasn't been any reporting the guy didn't look good..
Brenda October 20, 2013 at 05:11 AM
On the 15? No have not heard of any accidents on the freeway in a very long time even though I have seen a few myself. Not sure if "The Patch" decided not to add in the wrecks, injuries or deaths along with the ones on our streets in the news or there has not been any on the freeway that was worth writing a story about. Sounds like what you saw Theresa warranted some type of news article. Did you try a search? Put in motorcycle wreck 15 freeway injuries or something like that? Might work or our crew is slacking up a little bit over there at "The Patch" Office :)


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