Temecula Patch's Parent, HuffPo, Wins Pulitzer

The news website won its first Pulitzer, raising questions about the future of news media.


The parent company of Temecula Patch -- and all 800-plus Patch websites countrywide -- won its first Pulitzer Prize.

The Pulitzer went to David Wood for his series, Beyond the Battlefield. As a reward, his bosses bought him a 30-pack of Natural Light. To see a video of it, click on the image above.

The Huffington Post, or the HuffPo, as it's called by fans, has been maligned by media critics for its use of aggregation and volunteer labor from citizen journalists.

Michael Shapiro defends the organization in his Columbia Journalism Review article, "Six Degrees of Aggregation: How the Huffington Post Ate the Internet," when he wrote:

"Huffington Post, which had mastered search-engine optimization and was quick to understand and pounce on the rise of social media, had been at once widely followed but not nearly so widely cited. But that is likely to change now that it can boast of a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting—the rebuttal to every critic who dismissed HuffPost as an abasement to all that was journalistically sacred."

Temecula Patch follows a similar model to the Huffington Post. It generates original content, including local news coverage. It aggregates stories from other media. It links directly to articles in other media. It publishes the works of bloggers, and it uses numerous social media to connect to readers.

Dog April 18, 2012 at 11:27 AM
The Huffington Post??? I knew it...I Knew It...I KNEW IT...The Patch is all we have localy but its still just a offshoot of that progressive propaganda "newspaper" the Huffington Post...
Peter Surowski April 18, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Don't worry, Dog. We're part of the same company, but our editorial departments run completely separately. I've never even talked to one of the HuffPo editors. I make most of the decisions on what we're going to publish -- for better or worse. I hope that helps!


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