Chaparral Teacher Investigated for Sex With Student Claim

The teacher has been investigated three times for similar accusations, according to a court record.

A teacher is being investigated for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old student.

The district put the man on paid leave on April 20, three days after the sheriff's department opened an investigation into the accusation, according to Temecula Valley Unified School District spokesperson Melanie Norton.

The District Attorney's office is reviewing the case but has not pressed charges at this time, according to DA spokesperson John Hall.

The man was investigated for alleged "inappropriate relationships with female students and making inappropriate comments to female students," according to a search warrant affidavit.

Patch will not name the man unless charges are pressed against him.

The investigation began with an anonymous phone call on April 17 when the school's principal, Gil Compton, called the sheriff's department, according to Detective Darin Gray.

The school got an anonymous phone call about a female having a sexual relationship with a teacher. The caller gave the teacher and the students' names.

A school counselor interviewed the 17-year-old alleged victim. She admitted to having a strange relationship with the teacher, but she made no mention of having sex with him.

"(The alleged victim) stated there were things in her relationship with (the suspect) that made her feel uncomfortable," Gray wrote in the affidavit.
Gray interviewed the alleged victim on April 18 at Chaparral High, and she said they started a personal relationship when she was a sophomore.

"During her sophomore year, she did not turn in an assignment due to a problem at home," Gray wrote. "She started to cry when explaining the situation to (the teacher). (He) excused her from the assignment and told her if she ever needed to talk, she could talk to him."

The two grew closer as the year went on, and at the end of the year, the teacher gave the girl his phone number and told her to text him if she needed anything, the detective wrote.

The girl texted the teacher in July, 2011, because she needed someone to talk to, and they continued to text each other until the day before the investigation began.

Some of the text messages made her uncomfortable, the girl told the investigator. "She told me over the last few months, the problems at home had resolved and she felt she did not need to talk to him anymore, but he continued to text her," Gray wrote. "She told me the text(s) were things such as have a good day and you are special. She told me she started to feel uncomfortable because he kept texting her."

The suspect was the girl's teacher when school went back in session in fall, 2011, and the teacher treated the girl with special attention. "During that class, (the teacher) would often give her candy and other treats, but not other students. (The victim) would visit his classroom before school, during break, lunch time and after school," Gray wrote. "(The man) would hug her as she was leaving on a regular basis. She told me on three different occasions when she was leaving his classroom, (the teacher) kissed her on the top of her head."

The teacher would also often tell her he "loved her" as she left the room.

The teacher also invited the girl to his home for dinner. Her parents agreed, only if the teacher's wife was present when she was driven to and from his home in Quail Valley. On the first occasion, the wife picked both the teacher and student up from Chaparral, but on the second occasion, the teacher drove the student alone.

Gray interviewed the teacher on April 18, and he declined to make any statement without an attorney present.

Samantha June 14, 2012 at 06:52 PM
From this article it sounds very much like this man was feeling sympathy for this childs situation at home. It seems he was taking on a fatherly role in her life and it does not sound like his intentions were anything but honorable. It's situations like this that make us all a little bit colder, a little bit less apt to reach out a helping hand to a friend/stranger/neighbor etc.Sad.
Brenda June 14, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Thats what I was thinking Tvor, and the slightest suggestion of it could be the I LOVE YOU part, but at this point the girl might be trying to get herself out of trouble, ie telling friends there was more going on then there was. It would be inappropritate for a teacher to text a student unless it was about homework as alot of them do now, and those records are easily accessible by police to see how many texts were sent and who sent what to whom. He is on paid leave which I think is right until they weed through all of it.
Brenda June 14, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Well Tayler and that is exactly why parents have to watch every single move they make with their children, and then here comes CPS cause the kids are made at them. In this case the same is true with teachers. It is history over the years of girls falling in love with their teachers and go so far as harrassing them, saying they love them, being in his class room at all different times to see him alone, to act out sexually, etc. etc. A teacher has to know just like parents THAT ANY LITTLE THING can set the kid off and now something totally different from what really happened is being told to police, CPS, the Principal, and guess what? CPS, the Police, the schools automatically believes the teenager because that is THEIR Job. Anything this man did, even just touch her back to escort her from the room she would see as a touch of adoration, and all teachers tell their students to come to them with problems at home affecting their school work. I hope you are right Tayler and everything he did was just from being stupid, sorry to say that, in the knowledge of just what can happen when alittle teenage girl decides she is mad at you for not going to the next level. Usually, I say innocent until proven guilty, but if these statements above are the "evidence" then this is going to end up in a huge civil suit against someone on the behalf of this teacher, now that his credibility is questioned. If 2 yrs of 1000's of texts show up as evidence, then we have a different story.
Brenda June 14, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Exactly Samatha, and asking for help from Police, Cps, Schools, for our teenagers ourselves who are having issues, and are IGNORED at every turn. But our teenagers get mad when we dont let them run off and do everything they want and all of sudden we are hitting them, yelling at them, and Cps roars up and takes them away. LOL its a sad sad time when these agencies are what is determining parental rights, and also taking away the job from a high school teacher with just the accusations of a teenager, accusations that do not even make a case from what is written above. Like I said, if 1000s of text messages show up that he made to HER? then I would say he had inappropriate relationship with her, but again depending also on how much she was initiating the texts, and all this is known by text records. I think she had that anonymous person call the school with the accusations cause she was upset for some reason at the teacher, and then thinking they would just scare him, she got dragged in and questioned. First thing to a kid is to stand up and SAY YES I AM NOT LYING, this did happen. Then they have to stick to the story as to not be ostrasized by other classmates, teachers, the school, everyone, and the worst being her parents who are going to be so embarrassed and upset, and even then probably face a civil suit due to her lies. So she will stick to that story to the end, god forbid she should admit the truth and be embarrassed, rather ruin a mans life.
jill June 14, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Brenda when his name surfaces and you read how much money, time and trouble he has already cost TVUSD , you may change your tune. It is not cold hearted to stay within your job description, and he easily could have found a compassionate female co-worker to mentor/guide this student through a tough time and to the right help.
Christine June 14, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I don't know these individuals personally and if infact there was anything sexual going on then thats a whole different story...but the double edged sword is that if you are a teacher who really cares about their students, who has personal relationships with them, mentors them etc....then you risk being in this situation...so I fear its discourages the good teachers who just care and want to go the extra mile with their students with no bad intentions to think twice and not put in the extra effort for fear of the results...
K June 14, 2012 at 11:24 PM
I know him and I highly doubt that he would do this. I could be wrong, but the fact that this was happening and she didn't tell anyone or save any of the text messages is highly suspicious. Also it says that there relationship made her uncomfortable, WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH HIM IF HE MADE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE?!!?! I think this is 110% lies and the fact that it didn't interview any of her friends or ask any of the other students in her class about this is also highly suspicious.
kim florence June 15, 2012 at 12:13 AM
R u kidding me. The parents let her go to her male teachers house for dinner several times?! Patents need to wake up and protect their kids. That's just weird
Gabrielle Crouch June 15, 2012 at 12:16 AM
As a graduate from Chaparral High School and having had this teacher as one of my all time favorite teachers, I do not believe a word of this. He is a caring, innocent man, who believes in helping others. He pulled me aside my Sophomore year when I was having trouble at home and told me that if I ever needed anything, that I could come talk to him at any time. This teacher is truly a sweetheart, who just wants to help out troubled students who feel that they cannot talk to counselors. I believe that all accusations against him are false and would testify to it in a heart beat. If this student believed this relationship was inappropriate, she should have stopped going into his classroom during break, lunch and before and after school. It's simple really. He is an amazing teacher who does not deserve these horrible and false accusations.
V.W.D.S. June 15, 2012 at 01:34 AM
I don't if any of you really READ the article - it says they got an anonymous phone call. The 'victim' denies anything sexual, but admits the relationship was 'close' and perhaps uncomfortable. Never did the 'victim' accuse him of anything. The phone call came from someone else. That said , JILL you are spot on! he should have been the adult and found her a female adult to discuss her issues with. Providing encouragement during school hours is one thing, sending texts and such is very inappropriate and if nothing else a teacher should understand the liability of it all. These things wouldn't happen if teachers were more professional. You can be plenty concerned and caring and not inappropriate.
Brenda June 15, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Jill until all of us know about Great Oaks, or this statement above "Chaparral Teacher Investigated for Sex With Student Claim The teacher has been investigated three times for similar accusations, according to a court record." we do not really have any other information then what is in the article. From the police statement it does NOT say he had sex with HER, it does not say anything was out of line, and the girls parents let her go for dinner at his house, his own wife picked them up from the school. If this is a man who is trying to hide some crush on a teenage girl he sure didnt try very hard right? He didn't hide one single thing that I can see, and her statements in the paper, wont even bring the case to the DA to review. UNLESS, as I said before she has incriminating text's(which is not mentioned)or a huge amount of them initiated by him, and just her maybe returning a few now and then. If he is one of the more attractive teachers at school I could see where one of these girls would go ga ga. Having daughters of my own, I know how the first few weeks of school is all about Mr. so and so and how good looking he is, if he is married, how many children, and these girls seriously get a serious crush. But some girls keep it going, and start just dropping by his classes and having been a carpooler I would hear it all and it was not an innocent crush. These girls do some serious enticing of these so so hot men teachers.
c.s.f.x. June 15, 2012 at 02:11 AM
So just because he is a male he cannot help or guide the student? He should have found a "female co-worker" to mentor/guide this student..? You're a sexist. I have had him as a teacher and he was a wonderful man and friend. He is not only an amazing instructor, but he actually reaches out and HELPS people, It's people like you who live "within job description" and only care about "money" instead of spending your time to help someone. He would have helped ANYONE not just this one student.
John Doe June 15, 2012 at 02:15 AM
And this is why women well not tell when they are raped or molested! No one wants to listen, especially when it's someone that is a respected person in town. What most of you dont know is that the reason this teacher is at Chapparal is because of the accusations that we're already under investigations from Great Oak. TVUSD likes to hide things so that the town things that bad things don't happen here. There are bad people here, lots of them. No teacher should be passing out their personal phone number or email to students. Some students may like a teachers hug or kiss on the forehead but others will feel very uncomfortable. That does not mean any of it is ok. It's not appropriate to act this way in a work place full of adults so why in the world would it be ok to act this way to children or teenagers.
Brenda June 15, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Good points VW, and I think she told friends some stories of a "relationship", and the anonymous call was her or a friend doing it with her or without her knowledge when she got mad at him for some reason. "Not returning her affections" Sounds like old high school days and we got a crush on a boy, it wasnt returned and friends would call his girlfriend and say, Ohhh he is cheating on YOU with so and so. These girls think a teacher has a crush on them if they smile at them! Or they happen to see the teacher look down the low cut shirt they wore that day JUST to get his attention. I am not even sure the "help" he gave her was overboard and needed a woman teachers help. She makes a fool out of herself, gets mad, anonymous caller comes out of the woodwork. I feel more and more as this day goes by that this "incident reported" which is what it is so far should not even have been disclosed to anyone as yet, not even the patch. Because if this man is innocent he will be made for life from his civil winnings. This girls parents should have made dang sure she was telling the truth(lie detector) before they even allowed the police to talk to her. I HOPE THE parents were not in while she gave testimony, as she would work harder to cover lies. She was having problems with her parents, leading to problems getting homework done. I think that because teenagers are ALWAYS the victim, that lie detector tests should be norm to save the innocent.
C.s.f.x June 15, 2012 at 02:26 AM
It could have also been a claim from another student who failed his class. The "victim" denies any sexual contact.
C.s.f.x June 15, 2012 at 02:33 AM
If you knew his history you would also know that the girl FALSELY accused him. That is why he is still teaching. He is a good teacher and man.
Allegra June 15, 2012 at 02:46 AM
It is sick to think that people can be so easily guided away from the logic behind these reports. I am a teenager, and I know what petty teenagers do. Because of the allegations in his past, kids think they dig up the buried hatchet. If you research the outcome of the last incident, you'll find that the plaintiff was found of falsely accusing the teacher. The teenage mindset always falls into one simple solution, if you have a grudge against a teacher what better way to get back at them then by hitting them where the vulnerabilities lay? Because this was not reported by the so-called "victim" is she really a victim? It was only suggested by an anonymous on-looker. It is too bad this caller did not share their name with Gil, or any other confidante for verification of authority in the situation. The entire event has been blown completely out of proportion. Should this man be condemned for being a caring individual? I cannot tell you the countless times I myself, and my peers have been helped by this teacher. Never have I seen him step over any boundaries, or disrespect anyone. He promoted the success and interests of his students by posting their own artwork on his walls and widows, and allowing kids to bring their guitars and play during break and lunch. Now as for the title, this article is a ridiculous ploy to attract the eyes of ignorant Temecula moms that have no facts or experience with this man other than this bias article to support their claims.
TVUSD Parent June 15, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Jill is right. He was let go in previous years not because of pure innocence but because there was a lack of evidence. He is still teaching because of the teachers union. If you really need to know who the teacher is, go to ratemyteacher.com and research Chap teachers. Even if he was 100% innocent at Great Oak, when transferred to CHS,he had restrictions placed on him. He ignored those, repeatedly. That alone raises flags. I'm not ok with a teacher, who ignores the restrictions placed on him to keep kids safe yet ignores them, be allowed to continue to teach. Either way, dinner & texting? The boundary crossing is his doing, not a teenager with a "crush".
TVUSD Parent June 15, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Jill is right. He was let go in previous years not because of pure innocence but because there was a lack of evidence. He is still teaching because of the teachers union. If you really need to know who the teacher is, go to ratemyteacher.com and research Chap teachers. Even if he was 100% innocent at Great Oak, when transferred to CHS,he had restrictions placed on him. He ignored those, repeatedly. That alone raises flags. I'm not ok with a teacher, who ignores the restrictions placed on him to keep kids safe yet ignores them, be allowed to continue to teach. Either way, dinner & texting? The boundary crossing is his doing, not a teenager with a "crush".
TVOR June 15, 2012 at 04:10 PM
There is mention of previous issues but if there was anything to them you can be sure this man would not have been teaching anymore. It sucks that our society has become one in which a simple accusation (true or not) can ruin a person's life and career. That being said, if a person engages in a sexual relationship with a student they deserve to have their life ruined. But a child who makes a false accusation against an adult is rarely punished adequately for it. I think a person making a false accusation should suffer a similar punishment to what the accused would have had. Who knows if this man is guilty of anything illegal, but the fact that he has been accused is punishment in itself before he is ever proven guilty. I hope the truth comes out and if he is innocent I hope his accuser/s is/are appropriately punished.
Tayler Gallagher June 16, 2012 at 07:40 AM
The true shame is that while I am only 18 years old, I can tell you that many of you are completely blinded by ignorance. If any of you actually knew the man your sitting behind a computer screen talking about you'd know he teaches not to pass children through the flaccid factory that the public school system has become, but to actually make sure that he enriches each and every student's life and education. Just because our liberal American society says teachers need to be robot operators with no compassion does not mean he must think the way pathetic uneducated parents do. In fact he is a gem that TVUSD was lucky to have because not only was he aware of the risks of showing his compassion for students in need but he is brave enough and intelligent enough to know that what is most important is not what pathetic parents think, but helping this child in need. I'm proud to say he was my teacher and I hope I can be a man of his stature one day
Brenda June 16, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Taylor most are agreeing with you, so its not fair to group this comments area as "completely blinded by ignorance" so perhaps read it AGAIN. I agree with all of you, his students, and others. It does suck that a teenager can say one thing and its taken as gospel to ruin a mans life. OR her anonymous called, and how many times did we all have friends do THAT when we were young right? This whole story is a waste of paper, time typing it, and I hope this girl and her parents get sue'd for an amount which pays this mans salary the rest of his life, including anticipated raises, and other damages IF THERE IS Found to be NO Incriminating amount of text messages. Now if it is found there is other valuable information/evidence we don't know as yet and he is guilty as sin, then i wll bite my tongue off. Otherwise..................
michelle June 16, 2012 at 11:41 PM
i had him as a teacher about four years about at chaparral, I remember he didn't have blinds on his windows, and i always wondered why he was the only teacher without blinds but i later figured out but it didn't bother me because he was a good teacher that cared about his students, so it's not odd that he told her that if she ever needed anyone to talk to that he was there for him. I think the situation looks bad, just like prior instances but i don't think his intentions were dishonest, i mean he probably shouldn't have driven her to his house, but, her parents gave their consent. I honestly just think it's a misunderstanding, and i hope he remains a teacher there, because is a great teacher.
Brittany Campbell June 17, 2012 at 05:44 AM
I agree completely with you Tayler. You said many of these people are blinded, not all of them. He was an amazing teacher, and one of the only ones that ever truly cared. And I have never had a female teacher that I have felt would be able to help me through things. So what does it really matter if he's a guy? Because of this his life could be ruined, even if the accusations are false, like I know they are. He was such an inspiration and taught everyone that we are NOT special. He would never call someone that. It's sad that someone so many people trusted got taken away during part of the most stressful time of high school, when they could have really used his teaching.
Anneliese Weeman June 17, 2012 at 06:37 AM
I have had him for a teacher and known him for three years of my life now. I find this hard to believe coming from him because for one thing I have had many, many, COUNTLESS talks with him. One being that he taught the whole class that NO ONE is special. And he firmly believed on that. Another thing was that he was inspired by the book Teacher Man. Teacher Man is about how, "McCourt records the trials, triumphs and surprises he faces in public high schools around New York City. His methods anything but conventional, McCourt creates a lasting impact on his students through imaginative assignments...singalongs...,and field trips" (Amazon Teacher Man Book Summary). This is exactly how he was. He took his class on field trips, we did a sing-a-long in his creative writing class, and we always did creative and imaginative assignments I have never done before in my previous english classes. What also I find ridiculous is that just because he hugged the victim is means that there's more going on? Just because he says, "i love you" means there's something intimate? First of all, he showed care for MANY of his other students. This is not news or abnormal to me. Students hug other teachers of the opposite sex at other high schools. The victim is asking for trouble. This article is a waste of time and effort. He was always kind and understanding to other students. He was an inspiration to many. This is turning into a sick and over-exaggerated situation. No hard solid proof, period.
Aeryn Shannon June 17, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Chaparral has a very open and comfortable environment we are like a large family this is outrageous
bree June 18, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Why does the gender of a person matter? Rape comes in all forms. Besides if she was really having a sexual relationship with a student, why would parents and his wife know they hung out and he was like a father.
Gigi June 20, 2012 at 08:27 AM
I wonder how many student's lives he has impacted in a positive way. Can you put a value on that? I know he is an extremely dedicated and respected teacher and a good man's reputation and passion for teaching may be destroyed due to false and rediculous accusations. What a shame! Shame on him for caring for the well being of a troubled student. Shame on her mother for not being there for her.
Janice June 21, 2012 at 08:34 PM
You guys are too involved. The teacher was taking over the role of her parents. Whenever a teacher is texting and getting that emotionally involved there are ulterior motives. A teacher's job is to teach!
Phil November 07, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Being one of his ex students in his senior AP lit class I am curious as to what happened because he is no longer teaching at chaparral yet we we're kept completely out of the loop. It's been about 6 months since he was removed from our class and not only did this raise questions but it hurt everyone's AP score in that class. I think a few answers are not too much to ask for


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