DEFENSE: Medical Pot Dealer Stabbed Anza Man

The wrong man is on trial for the killing of an Anza man whose body was discovered wrapped in a rug and tossed off a roadside.


A medical marijuana dealer was guilty of killing an Anza man whose body was found wrapped in a rug and tossed off a roadside, a defense attorney argued today.

Attorneys made their opening arguments today in the trial of Chris Darrel Duve, 31, of Lake Elsinore, and Angela May Shavers, 46, of Meadowbrook, who are charged with murdering Anza resident Paul "Pete" Cline on March 21, 2006.

His body was found north of Bautista Road near his home in the 36000 block of Old Cary Road in Anza east of Temecula.

Prosecution alleged the two were embezzling from Cline while living on an RV on his property.

The body was discovered severely decomposed with 10 stab wounds, according to Stephen Sweigart, Duve's attorney.

"When Mr. Cline's body, when it was found, was purple like a plum," he said, though forensic pathologists were still able to examine the stab wounds.

Neither Shaver nor Duve stabbed the victim, but a third man not involved in the trial named Vincent "Wolf" Valdez stabbed Cline.

Valdez, a Cahuilla Indian, allegedly supplied medical marijuana to Shavers. He was also using Cline's checkbook to write checks to himself, the defense attorney alleged.

"It wasn't Mr. Duve who was messing with Mr. Cline's account," he said. He projected images of several checks on a screen in the courtroom. The checks were Cline's and were written to Valdez. They amounted to more than $900 altogether and were cashed at the Cahuilla Casino.

Defendant's IQ is only 71
Duve was only a bystander in the crime, defense argued. Cline began to realize somebody was stealing from his bank account and confronted Shaver, Sweigart told a jury.

Then Valdez came up behind the victim and started stabbing him. "He stabs Pete Cline in the back, spins him around and stabs him in the front," Sweigart said.

The killer then turned to Shaver and Duve and said, "You stab him, or I'm going to kill you too," the attorney told the jury.

The three wrapped the body in a rug and tossed it off a road into some undergrowth.

The defendant has been in special education classes since middle school due to his low IQ of 71, the attorney said.

"The man sitting here is not a violent individual. He's meek and passive," Sweigart told the jury.

The rural writer
Paul "Pete" Cline was a father, brother, son and friend. He was also a good natured writer, said Blaine Hopp of the District Attorney's office.

"Paul Cline fancied himself a writer, a literary, rural superhero," he said. "He was kind, he was gentle, he was kind, he was trusting… a little too kind, a little too gentle, a little too trusting."

Duve and Shaver took advantage of Cline, working together to drain his bank account. "The defendants took advantage of Pete, took advantage of his generosity," he told the jury.

The evidence will not show who killed Cline, the prosecutor said, but it will show both Duve and Shaver are at fault.

"At the end of this trial, you won't know who struck the final death blow to the heart… but you will know each is responsible," he said.

CORRECTION: This article was modified at 7:58 a.m. Friday to more accurately reflect the location of Cahuilla Casino.

Donna Jaramillo April 22, 2012 at 04:05 AM
hello out there everyone. im the child of Angela Shaver and yes i also kow mr duve.. please dont put this all on my mother mr duve is playing a good game and making alot of people thing he was perfect...... let me just feel in some blanks. my mother and mr duve did see each other befor this and they did live together but befor this happen my mother broke it off with him and had no choose to be with mr "wolf" she tried a number of times to leave and told chris to leave he stayed with her and saw what happen to her my the hands of "wolf".... wolf is the one that needs to stand up and take his blam in this matter as well but like d.a wont charge him because and "he is alreadyh doing one life sentance why should the state wast money when we know he isnt getting out?" that was from the d.a. in this case. im not saying Angela is perfect she has had her ups and downs with drugs but has never hurt anyone or killed anyone. Im not saying chris has killed anyone but he has been locked up atleast 2 time for hurting someone the latest was about a year befor this happen in temc. ca when he stole a truck out of someones driveway and ran it in to another car hurting a little baby because he was running from the police. im not sure if anyone is going to read this but if you do please just remember there are families of ALL the people your talking about. thank you for your time
Secrets of Safety April 24, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Donna Jaramillo, Fortunately, we don't convict people of crimes based upon whether or not they have family. Unfortunately, as in this case, we do convict based upon rumor and based upon the belief that "the person must be guilty of the crime, or they wouldn't have been arrested". This case proves that fact and it's something I have been disturbed about for many years.. Unfortunately, the people in our society are blood thirsty and they use the judicial system to take their vengeance and frustrations out on the accused. This is the result of a system that has been in the state of decay for decades and it's not going to get better until people wake up and stop considering themselves to be better than everyone else.. However, in our self centered, self absorbed society, I don't see that happening any time soon.
Jen April 25, 2012 at 05:45 AM
Yes families of EVERYONE .Paul Cline had daughters too,Donna.
Lynn Rich May 02, 2012 at 05:38 AM
I knew Pete...he was a harmless, gentle man who didnt deserve this...nobody does. He is missed by many.........To anyone involved in this "waste of a life", you will get your just deserve, one way or another. In the end, you will answer to a much higher power. I miss you, Pete, and your wonderfully, creative mind.
christina c May 17, 2012 at 06:40 AM
ive known chris since high school. he is very passive and does what he is told. he always tried to hard to fit in, did degrading things to himself to make others like him. ive seen chris get beat up because he is slow. i once saw another class mate talk chris into stealing things for him just so he would be nice to chris. chris would never hurt anyone ever. he doesnt have that in him. he is innocent and was found innocent!!!!leave him alone and let the guy live somewhat normally!


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