EMPLOYMENT: U.S. Border Patrol Announces It Is Accepting Applications

Initial assignments will be in the Southwest Border States of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, the statements reads.

The U.S. Border Patrol is currently accepting applications, it was announced today.

According to a released statement from the agency, candidates must successfully undergo a rigorous screening process that includes:

- Written Examination

- Language Aptitude or Spanish Language Proficiency Test

- Polygraph Examination

- Medical Examination and Drug Test

- Physical Fitness Test

- Structured Interview

- Background Investigation

"Candidates hired for the position must complete the Border Patrol basic training academy in Artesia, New Mexico. Initial salaries are very competitive and agents have the promotional potential to earn more than $75,000 after three years of service," the statement reads.

Benefits include federal health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement package, according to the statement.

Initial assignments will be in the Southwest Border States of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, the statements reads.

For additional information, visit www.cbp.gov to learn more about the Border Patrol agent position.


Steve Newman April 05, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Wait- a few weeks ago sequestor was going to eliminate positions- then Queen Napalotono said "no we are not going to do that " and now they are hiring. You know how you can tell an Obama cabinet member is lying- their lips are moving.
Brenda April 06, 2013 at 06:55 AM
One hole doesnt know what the other hole is saying. Does anyone wander how much money we spend arguing about a law that is already in affect in California and the USA? The law to catch and deport ALL illegals. Its that simple. They are illegal, get illegal paperwork, if they are not doing illegal work like making drugs, selling, distributing across the USA, they are human trafricing, prostiution, or get hired by a legit company that has to let them go a month or two later when their social security number comes back fraudulent. How much does all this bull cost us??? How much cheaper is it to just round them UP, lasso them, and ship them OUT. While we are doing that, WHICH IS A LAW, and any government official not allowing our law enforcement to do that is aiding and abetting ILLEGALS and ILLEGAL activity. Now, also send all the 43% illegals in our prisons HOME unless they have committed murder. IF they have its assignment on the chain gangs rebuilding our border walls infrastructure all the WAY ACROSS. They can earn their own meals, and a cot instead of our tax payer monies. Why in the name of God anyone in our Government has to spend so much time trying to figure this ILLEGAL thing all out, when its written in LAW, I will never know. Its one of the simplest laws we have, self explanatory right?
bob meek April 06, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Brenda, my dear ,I have asked many and been called everything from a racist to a child abuser . I ABSOLUTEY AND POSITIVLEY AGREE WITH YOU. and the answer is (drum roll please)..................................votes! yes Brenda that's right you see if the illegals are made legal there will probably never be another conservative president elected ever again.why? Mexicans (the vast majority )don't vote republican. democrats love the idea (hence yoblamas total ignoring of the border for the most part). and republicans are shaking in their boots. this explains all the pandering towards these criminals its purely a political ploy for votes .sad but true.while the jobs these human paraquats steal earn money that instead of being circulated here in the US ,is being used to do things like fix a house ,feed twenty kids(per family)and beer lots of Budweiser.so that when and IF they decide to go home it will be a nicer place .to retire.i have a even better question though.with all the energy and ingenuity these motherscratchers possess , why don't all the men and whom ever else STAND UP TO THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN MEXICO AND MAKE THINGS RIGHT IN THE CONTRY THEY ANNOYINGLY CALL THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH THEIR HOME OF MEXICO?(JUST COUNT HOW MANY MEXICAN FLAGS THERE ARE ANYTIME A POOR MEXICAN GETS AN UNFAIR SHAKE IN LIFE .)THEY HAVE NO PROB COMING HERE AND ATTEMPT TO CHANGE OUR LAWS TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS WHY DONT THEY DO THAT AT HOM?NOW IM PISSED AGAIN.
cindylu April 14, 2013 at 05:20 AM
Bob your so ignorant... Mexicans aren't the only "illegals"..


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