Few Details Released About Alleged Old Town Beating

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

Police have released little information about an alleged beating that took place in Old Town Temecula in the early morning hours of Dec. 1. 

The attack on a 20-year-old male by three suspects allegedly took place at 12:45 a.m. after the victim had been at a country western bar known as the Stampede on Front Street in Old Town. 

Little information is available, however, because the victim said he lost consciousness and police have not been able to obtain solid descriptions of the alleged attackers.

"The victim was in the Old Town area when he was approached by three possible suspects -- no solid description at this time," said Sgt. Lisa McConnell of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. 

"It appears there was some type of altercation between the parties," the sergeant continued. "The victim stated he lost consciousness and once he regained it he was able to flag down a CDF [Cal Fire] crew that was in the area on an unrelated call. The victim stated that his property was missing upon gaining consciousness."

The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and intoxication and was eventually released to his mother, McConnell said.

In Facebook posts, the victim, who Patch is not identifying, said he was robbed at gunpoint by three black males. The victim said he was beaten with a steel pipe. He required 25 staples in his head and his front teeth got knocked out, he posted. 

McConnell said the investigation is ongoing.  


Shannan Buffolino December 05, 2013 at 06:09 AM
So if it was 1245 am sunday..which is still a busy sat night basically in old town, the bars arr pretty packed on weekends ..stampede. eleven . The Edge all have people walking back and forth club hopping. So no one saw thiz poor kid being attacked amd beaten? See this is the ptoblem with allowing people under 21 in bars mingling with people who are drinking and who knpws how much he drank and who gave him alcohol but sounds like he may have gotten into argument and was alone so the other guys felt that there wpuld be no one to identify them and that its ok to beat someone and get away eith it. Its getting shady im old town with the homeless and vagrantz wandering the streets all hours and the drug dealers and people who come here to temecula lookng to party. commit crimes and run back to wherever they live, areas of san diego or areas like hemet or wherever and think they wont get caught. But they do and these guys will get caught. More and more of us are coming together to protect our temecula
Brenda December 05, 2013 at 07:42 AM
True Shannan. I know the "stompeded" has a bit of a fun time putting dueling factions out the door to quiet the place down. Problem with that is, you get one person alone in one faction and 3 guys together in another and then said one person above gets his arrse kicked by the 3 some. Now, if I was the "Stompeded" security I would at least make sure the one person got in his car, or even kept him inside to make sure the 3 man faction was not still out there. Almost kinda gives the 3 man a easier chance of finishing off the 1 person. Whos kidding though around Temecula, sure not me. Everyone knows between that whole area turning "rough" with a vast variety of "people", the housing, areas around it are just going down the drain. Do many local couples of over say 25 or 30 even still go there in the evenings? Dont think so. Have alot of younguns around 21 changed it in for some of our mall bars? Yep. Safer? Yep. We are getting worse everyday and unless our City and PD get a handle on it we are not going to ever be the nice, safe, fun little "Cowtown" we have been famous for.
SA December 05, 2013 at 12:20 PM
@Shannon … I agree with you however being 21 does not mean one can handle their liquor… I have no problem with one on one combat when someone is ‘physically’ attacked (verbal just walk away) … 3 to 1 is wrong as only a coward would use friends to harm a single person…
Kristen Michelle Martin December 05, 2013 at 01:38 PM
I am the sister of the 20 year old and I am not sure why it says he got into an argument with these three men when that is not what happen he got kicked out of the stampede and they offer him to drink some more with them there plan all along was to rob my brother after playing the part in the stampede parking lot pretending to be cool they took him to a field so they could drink and not get caught at least that's what my brother thought little did he know he was about to be beaten and robbed he said the way it went down had to be planned like my brother wasn't there only victim these men need to be caught and they need to pay for what they did if my brother wasn't the strong person that he is and didn't get up to find help he would of bleed to death me and my family will not stop until they are caught we may not of been able to save my brother from harm but we will do what ever in out power to keep it from happening again
Brenda December 05, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Had that feeling that this was something that happened. Fricking Stampede needs to share some responsibility for the guys they throw out the door, especially after THEY GOT A 20 yr old drunk in the first place!! As I said above, this is NOT the first time this exact same thing has happened there and Stampede knows it and still keeps kicking these guys out by themselves. Kristen, I would see about holding them responsible for serving your brother, and tossing him out after an altercation of some sort? Hell maybe one of the bouncers is in on this thing when someone gets tossed?
Karate Kid December 05, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Ya Old Town is a joke, The Stampede is filled with angry jar heads, all locals know to stay the hell away from there. The Edge leads the way for having brawls and fights, and Baileys is famous for having dress codes to try to keep out the "bad" people, but "bad" people dress nice too. No shorts at Bailey's what a joke. So just stay away from Old Town, stay away from all the bars in the area, twice an off duty cop has pulled their gun in this valley and killed someone after drinking and getting into a stupid argument. Its all bad people. Its all bad. "Bottles of Patron" "Grey Goose the goose is loose," popping bottles of "Bud" baby. Drunkies and school flunkies run me.
Brenda December 05, 2013 at 02:01 PM
Spot on Automater. Back in the 90s the Stampede was good and they had like football team cheerleaders, Coors girls, and special folks out. But has not been that way for a long time. Was starting to go down hill then and I think they put some effort into bringing locals back in but it failed. That was the first time someone I know was booted out, with the group of guys who had jumped him in the bar, and of course it did not go real well for the single guy alone, but he did get in some awesome hits before he was out. But the Stampede should NEVER kick one guy out who has been jumped by a few, kick them out too and then it just goes on out in the parking lot and someday someone is going to get killed.
John Smith December 05, 2013 at 02:17 PM
So far Temecula PD, The Press Enterprise, and now the Temecula Patch are all following a politically correct course with this crime and as a result all 3 are do a huge dis service to the VICTIM and the community. If this had been 3 White men that beat a Black man down and robbed him it would have been all over state and national headlines by now . Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would already be in rooms in Pechanga. THE HEAD LINE SHOULD READ THE REALITY. THREE BLACK MEN (As the victim has said) BEAT A WHITE YOUNG MAN TO NEAR DEATH. If anyone saw these three Black men in or outside of Bailys or the Stampede please come forward and ID the thugs
SA December 05, 2013 at 06:23 PM
@Ms. Martin … I find your brother’s attackers all cowards as they have herd mentality…If in fact your brother was 86 from the bar for being inebriated (86 from a bar for being inebriated…sounds kinda funny) … no one should have preyed on him; just get him a cab… I hope your fam finds the cowards that harmed him… @ Mr. Smith … spot on sir…
Brenda December 05, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Steve I will be your point man when we go in for them!! I am there. I dont follow any Rules of Engagement. Smith, spot on and SA the taxi SHOULD have been gotten for the kid by the Stampede and got him out of there safely and I would definately hold them responsible for a large portion of the beating this kid took. The lack of information about 2 BLACK MEN is so important but yet the PATCH and obviously the police department do not want to make that up front and important as far as getting descriptions. Is everyone saying "They all look alike"? Stupidity and everyone needs to step forward who saw something, someone, a car, etc.
AlwaysPO'd December 05, 2013 at 09:37 PM
It's hard to keep your wits about you when alcohol is overly consumed. I'm not saying that these black guys are anywhere near innocent but you only invite trouble when your judgement is clouded with booze. There is a certain responsibility to ones self to maintain your own safety and whereabouts at all times and this tragic event is proof of that. He's lucky he's alive. I don't see the establishment having any real responsibility here. I'd like to know why he was booted out? Unruly or too drunk or what?
Brenda December 05, 2013 at 10:54 PM
Always he is 20 and if they were serving him they are liable. Also the Stampede has a history of booting guys out who are arguing, fighting, puffing up. Well a few times its one guy against like 5 guys! They do not give a second thought that the 5 guys are going to continue on and jump the guy by himself. Whereas they need to at least make sure if he can drive that he gets in his car and gets out of there not to get the hell beaten out of him. IF he is too drunk call him a Taxi, sit him in a corner by the security desk there and walk him to it when it arrives. Not only is it a proper, and considerate thing to do but it will save them from lawsuits from the ONE guy who got the crap beat out of him. Also there are some laws, civil ones that bars are responsibly for certain things and I just dont feel like looking them all up now. But I do know the Stampede has been there done this before.
AlwaysPO'd December 05, 2013 at 11:27 PM
If he's under age and served, then indeed they are liable for serving a minor and should prosecuted as such. But, his actions have encouraged this outcome through no one's fault but his own. Yes, a person shouldn't be pummeled while having a good time but he set things in motion by drinking illegally and causing enough trouble to get thrown out. Then hanging out with total strangers while intoxicated beyond his ability to maintain his self awareness and safety. My sympathy only runs so deep.
Brenda December 06, 2013 at 02:12 AM
I get that too. Its like getting pulled over as a driver in a car and saying you do not know a thing about the pot in the car and of course all your buddies say the same, but you go to jail. Sure he set himself up to get in trouble which would make him a high percentage at fault for the entire situation, and then it all plays out from that point. What bothers me is just how rough Old Town is getting and how much alot of our own avoid it now. It used to be nice to go and see friends, neighbors, and now, not so much.
John Smith December 06, 2013 at 02:11 PM
I would only go to Old Town with a concealed Glock. Other than that no way.
Brenda December 07, 2013 at 07:29 AM
I love my Ruger security six cause I have shot it for like 38 yrs and I know that trigger better then my ahh.................yeah. Always you are right about sympathy running only so deep when at 20 you are dumb enough to get into the situation in the first place. He made a few dumb moves by going there initially, for drinking there (however that happened, but the bartenders there are known for serving under 21), and then getting drunk enough to get stupid and get in some kind of trouble to get kicked out. Actually if he drove there, the guys that did follow him and beat him up maybe have saved us a Drunk Driving crash with injuries or death down the road. So in a way some sort of lesson was learned and now its time to find the "guys" who did this and that sister says its for the intent to steal from guys. We will be lucky to ever find the guys.
ChrisG December 07, 2013 at 09:59 AM
@brenda, no rules of engagement? Better check the penal code. Lol
Brenda December 07, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Ahh Chris, I am a yiddle ole lady, like who is going to blame me for shooting off a round or two right? LOL. Those guys would have skattered and said little white guy would not have been so beat up at least. I really do not get the guys who think its ok to be, 2, 3, 4, against one and proceed to beat the life out of them. I wonder if they feel better about themselves, big, strong, and all macho?
Brenda December 07, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Oh, had an acquaintance get beat up by 3 Marines over in Hemet not to long ago because he is 35 and exercises by skateboarding. Like Tony Hawk he has done it forever!! But one of the Mexican marines said somethng about him being a blankity blank blank, after blocking his way and then slammed him in the nose. He ended up with too many facial bone injuries too list. All because he is a 35 white guy skateboarding at night. err I guess rather then jogging or riding a bike? Or would it have mattered what he was riding? You are right. If they are just wanting to feel their dick swing around they will attack anyone alone. Thank God in a way it was this guy or it could have been a gal, or a couple of gals leaving the place.


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