Former Church Choir Director Gets Probation

The former employee at Calvary Baptist Church milked an unguarded safe for about $20,000.


A former choir director at a Temecula church got probation and work release for embezzling about $20,000.

Jared Lee Burkholder, 34, was sentenced to three years probation and 180 days jail time, which he will serve in a work release program, according to court records. He was also ordered to pay back the money he stole from his employer, Calvary Baptist Church.

Burkholder worked for the church for a decade and ran a ministry for young families, according to the Press-Enterprise.

Burkholder sent a letter to church leaders asking for forgiveness, which was granted, according to the record.

“He did come before the congregation and he did confess his sins,” Pastor William Rench told the Press-Enterprise.

Burkholder, who is his son-in-law, started repaying the money and sought counseling from a pastor at another church. “He, up to this point, seems to have real genuine remorse,” Rench told the paper.

Stanley April 19, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Yes, they all have genuine remorse when they get caught. Presumably, this 'church' had way more than 20K sitting in a safe if fatboy thought he could get away with stealing it. What a con these churches are. They spew their BS mumbo-jumbo about life after death to the weak, sick, and old who give them their money. They're all crooks, not just fatboy.
V S April 22, 2012 at 02:44 PM
It is my understanding that the money was taken a little at a time over a period of about a year or so, not all at once, so it would go unoticed for awhile anyway.


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