High Speed Chase on 15 Freeway Ends in Temecula

Scanner chatter began about 9 p.m. concerning a vehicle traveling at 100 mph on northbound Interstate 15, toward the Border Patrol checkpoint just south of Temecula city limits.

A pursuit up the northbound 15 Freeway Wednesday ended in Temecula, according to scanner chatter.

Reports started coming in about 9 p.m. about a vehicle being chased by the California Highway Patrol on the northbound Interstate 15 at about 100 mph.

The CHP asked Riverside County sheriff's deputies for help from a helicopter crew to keep watch on the vehicle, according to the scanner.

Officers finally got the driver to yield at Temecula Parkway without incident, a CHP dispatcher told Patch.

Galactic Cannibal September 27, 2012 at 07:20 PM
100 mph . This is a big deal in America, but no big deal on the Autobahns in Germany. American drivers 96% of them are geriatric and selfish. They block all lanes on the FWY. will not move over, its pathetic. So this driver was breaking our "snail pace driving law. That's his/her business. We buy and drive cars that can go 130 mph + safely but we have a speed limit of 70 mph. Explain that logic. Why not arrest the Car makers for supplying cars that break the speed law . Ford Toyota, GM Honda etc.. etc. I just got back from Europe and find our U.S. driving system sucks, Itsunsafe when most drivers tool along the FWYs blocking all lanes . Recently they opened 3 lanes south of Scott Rd. and guess what, all 3 lanes now get blocked . Pathetic pathetic..... Its like guns . Guns don't kill, people do . Same with Speed . Speed doesn't kill, but stupid geriatric drivers do. Why would anyone buy a Ferrari in America . A car that can do 220 mph but at 70mph the engine is slowly destroyed. But I forget we live in the so-called "Land of the free" and that American Dream (an Illusion) 4% of Americans know how the drive and know how to be safe at high speeds. but they get ticketed by the grunt Cops,
Shannan Buffolino September 27, 2012 at 10:28 PM
WTF bashing of Americans, our Police, and even worse, the elderly, which you called "geriatric". Obviously not from this country, probably somewhere that you either dont want to be or they dont want you there, luckily our land of the free is tolerant of ignorant people. So, the car, which drove 100 mph right past the border patrol checkpoint, which is maybe doable and allowed in countries that are just big open dirt roads and no one around, including our police, who made these laws to protect, ironically, you, and everyone else who is lucky enough to live here. But driving 100 mph past BP, and not stopping and attempting to outrun them is HUGE red flag than any rashional person can figure out, and most likely, committing a crime, or probably under some kind of influence, otherwise they wouldnt have attempted to pass the checkpoint and outrun them. Also, elderly people may seem not get out of your way as fast as you want, but they have earned the respect that should be given, and I would rather be next to them on the road than in the same town as someone so hateful. I mean really,,,4% of Americans can drive?Where did you figure that out? Handbook of madeup percentages? Oh, I can only imagine our country if you made the rules, EVEN IF we COULD all afford Ferraris, and we all drive 100 to 200 mph next to everyone else in traffic driving Ferraris,also driving 100 -200, since the Ferrari CAN, then that means we SHOULD right? Yeah right, I'm sure we would all be a lot safer..
Roadeo Driver September 28, 2012 at 01:11 AM
You haven't put any thought into the reasons why we have speed limits. Sounds like you are mad enough to move to Europe where you will be safer. Can I help you pack? I will bring a little putty for that chip on your shoulder.
Galactic Cannibal September 30, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Dude anyone over the age of 64 is called a geriatric in America. Ask your doctor dude. _________________________________________________________ "who made these laws to protect, ironically, you, and everyone else who is lucky enough to live here" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey dude explain in a logical term, why I am lucky to live in the U.S. Could it be , that we have the world's most powerful military who attack countries who did not attack the U.S. and then we lose these WARS. ..ex: Vietnam, Korea, Granada, IRAQ, Afghanistan. Or could it be the 14,000 citizens who are murdered by fellow citizens every year in the U.S. Or could it be since 9/11, over 156,000 Americans have been murdered in America by fellow Americans. Or could it be the 40 ,000,000 American who have no or bad medical coverage and must crowd out the ER.s when they get a headache or break a finger.. Could it be that we call millions and millions of our citizens 'African Americans" Are they not "Americans" , Could it be the unknown number of Americans who live off food stamps ? So tell me Dude why I am so lucky ?????
Shannan Buffolino September 30, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Dear G.C. I feel badly for giving you a hard time. I can see now that you are letting things worry you that you just have no control over. I hear you..I totally agree with all those things that we ALL wish wouldn't happen..all you can do is try to do the right things and at least TRY to enjoy your days because its useless to be so angry and live that way..you asked how are you lucky? I don't know you personally..but I guess for now I can say that you are lucky that you are alive and well enough to type on your computer..and you can either be positive or negative....you are lucky to have that choice I guess


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