'I Was Molested:' Former Student Files Claims Against 2 Riverside County School Districts

The woman, now 18 and identified only at "Brianna," said officials at Riverside Unified School District and Val Verde Unified School District, which is based in Perris, failed to take steps to protect students.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

A second woman who alleges she was molested by a former Riverside County teacher who recently resigned as assistant principal at a Los Angeles County high school filed legal claims today against a pair of school districts, saying they failed to protect her.

The woman, now 18 and identified only at "Brianna," said officials at Riverside Unified School District and Val Verde Unified School District, which is based in Perris, failed to take steps to protect students.

"They're supposed to protect their students, not physically harm them and mentally harm them," she said. "They're supposed to do their job a certain way because if they would have done it years ago this would have not happened to me now."

Her attorney, Luis Carrillo, contends that Brianna was abused by Andrea Cardosa while attending Tomas Rivera Middle School in Perris in the 2009-10 school year, when Brianna was 14 years old. Cardosa recently resigned as assistant principal of Alhambra High School in Los Angeles County after another alleged victim, named Jamie, posted a video on YouTube of a telephone call she made to Cardosa accusing her of molesting her at Chemawa Middle School in Moreno Valley.   

During the call, Cardosa seemingly admits to her actions and said she regretted her behavior. Cardosa has not been charged with a crime.

Tomas Rivera Middle School is in the Val Verde Unified School District. The claim against RUSD contends that Cardosa previously worked for that district, failed to investigate her background and then gave her a positive recommendation when she was applying for the job at the Val Verde district.

Jonathan Moreno, a spokesman for the Val Verde district, declined to comment on the case. Jacquie Paul, spokeswoman for RUSD, would only say that a legal claim had been filed.

"I can't tell you a lot, but I can confirm that our district received a claim from an individual related to this investigation," she said. "Beyond that I cannot comment further."

The claims -- which are precursors to lawsuits -- seek unspecified damages.

Carrillo said "most of the administrators" in the districts "should not be in their jobs because they utterly failed to protect the kids."

—City News Service

ChrisG January 25, 2014 at 05:46 PM
@brenda, this is not a story of a young girl having an affair with an adult. It is a story of a young girl being molested by an adult. The alleged molester was a teacher. This is very, very bad.
southernbelle January 28, 2014 at 11:50 AM
@Brenda, I think there are some who think like you because they lack the personal and full understanding of the magnitude of such a heinous crime toward an older child. It's understandable because how can one know what it's like unless they've experienced it personally or have someone close that has, which is still far removed. Just as one can never understand what it's like to go through a death of a child unless they've experienced it. That being said, I'd like to point out some well known facts pertaining to child abuse and molestation. You are right in that a 14 yr old should know how to ward off a molester. generally speaking. But all 14 yr olds are not general. We don't know if there was physical forceful actions---as in rape (which I would assume would be stated rather than "molestation"), or if the CHILD felt emotionally/mentally intimidated into the action--which is typically when the works "molestation" is used. Let's say it was the 2nd action, again, not physical force but rather emotional/mental manipulation and intimidation. Those are easy tactics to use against a child. Let's PRETEND it's close to what you are assuming, for the sake of my example to you personally: Here's a 14 yr old girl with a male teacher. Perhaps this teacher makes her feel important. special. cared for. LOVED. worthy due to the attention, encouragement and verbal affirmation he gives her. She develops a crush--after all, daddy either isn't around or doesn't pay any attention to her. The first sign of a girl who isn't getting "daddy-love" is a girl who seeks out this male attention elsewhere. Happens every day, all day long. Now let's PRETEND the girl develops a puppy crush (after all she is 14 and crushes are COMPLETELY normal and healthy toward peers at this age)for her teacher. Creepy teacher takes advantage of girl knowing he can manipulate her. PRETEND girl goes along with it because finally she feels accepted, important and LOVED. Does that make it right? NO!! Creepy teacher should KNOW that the CHILD is seeking something different than he…after all, teachers are REQUIRED to take Child Development classes so they should have full understanding of the development of a child's brain. This KNOWING full well that a 14 yr old CHILD does NOT have the capacity to draw proper conclusions or understand the full consequences of behaviors. This INCLUDES sexual activity. A child of 14 does not have enough life experience to gauge outcomes, understand all levels of reality, nor have they developed the capacity to form a completion of moral ethics and values. A 14 yr old child is still learning and developing their bodies, brains, and childhood to young adulthood mental capacities. This is not opinion, this is scientific fact. We have to give them this.
southernbelle January 28, 2014 at 11:56 AM
Next, there are times when the tragedy becomes even worse! When the CHild DOES go to a parent and the parent denies it, or denies the child the right to do anything about it!!! There are 2 cultures I know of that tend to do this because of fear of shame or other possible consequences to the family/family name. That in itself is a crime!!! So the child has no recourse but to sweep it under the rug. This girl here is 18. Isn't it interesting that she has now become the legal age of an adult and has chosen to speak yup? I don't think it's coincidence, or she recently had a revelation. My personal feeling is that she waited until she could legally help herself and was no longer under the oppression of her parents to stay quiet--that's my personal opinion.
southernbelle January 28, 2014 at 12:03 PM
Lastly, Brenda-- I've only been posting on the parch for about a month I think, but in that short time I have seem a consistent personality come through for you. Usually when someone is consistent in their posts I feel like I can safely assume this is how the person actually is. I've seen several glimpses of your heart and believe you are generally a compassionate and kind person. I don't think your lack of compassion in this is because you're a "sick" or horrifying person I think it is a matter of lack of understanding of the behaviors of sexual abuse.
Brenda January 28, 2014 at 05:49 PM
Southern, I am a horribly compassionate person and I say horribly because I can get taken in by people because of it. I will help and help till I am down to my last dollar, my last can of food, and no jackets for me. If I can give to help someone else I will and always have and thankfully I have run into more grateful thankful people then the ones who will use the p erson like me with rose colored glasses who only sees good in most all life, people. I thank you for your judgement of me, and your opinion. I think alot of my reasoning on this issue is because I have raised not only my own daughters, but a few others who were having problems at home. So probably a total of 7 at one time or another, with my own 5. I have seen them, listened, answered questions, taught wrong from right, and also seen the things they do behind the grid right? LOL, and ole Mom sees a few of them. Hear them talk and what they would do if they did this, and that, and being popular, etc. Hold this thought, need to get out of here, OMGOSH I am going to be late.!


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