Killer Rambles in Court, Silenced by Victim's Family

Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, who kidnapped, raped and killed his fiancée, Elizabeth “Bipsy” Kellenbarger Amirian, 27, of Temecula, made rambling remarks at his sentencing.

A man who fatally stabbed his fiancee 39 times, after raping her and keeping her prisoner for two days apologized to the woman's family in court today but was told to "shut up" by the victim's brother.

Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, 27, was convicted of murder with special circumstances in the death of his fiancée, Elizabeth “Bipsy” Kellenbarger Amirian, 27, of Temecula.

He was sentenced to life in prision without the possibility of parole today, following two memorial videos and remarks by her family and friends.

Wagstaff, was in the middle of a story about a Christian village in Rwanda during the 1990s, when Amirian's brother, Isaac, called out, “Okay we forgive you, just stop talking."

The killer kept talking, this time addressing his remarks to the victim's mother, Cheryl Plato.

“Thank you for your forgiveness Cheryl.

“I do deserve to be here. I’m not a saint. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

At that point, Isaac Amirian called out, "If you’re sorry, you would shut up right now.”

Amirian told Wagstaff that he is a "horrible person.

“I don’t think you get that.

“You could have been a man and pled guilty.”

Amirian told Wagstaff that she read in his sister's notebook that she was afraid to break up with the man who would turn out to be her killer.

"She did not know you and she did not love you,” Amirian said.

Outside court, Amirian remarked on Wagstaff's Rwanda words.

"It showed me that he's really dense."

Before the sentencing, Amirian's mother, Cheryl Plato addressed the court and spoke of her sadness and grief.

Plato said she cries every day, saying that when no one is around “I just scream and scream.

“I just can’t wait to be with Bipsy again.”

Prosecutor Jennifer Garcia said that she had rarely seen such a violent murder.

He should never be let out of prison, she said.

“This man has expressed no genuine remorse.”

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Brenda September 10, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Kelly Meeink October 28, 2012 at 05:24 AM
This man is a monster, he should have been put to death!!!! I believe an eye for an eye!
Josh January 30, 2013 at 01:03 AM
I had to look this case up after seeing it on TV. I've heard of plenty of heinous murders, but nothing made me as sick as this one. He doesn't "deserve" the death penalty. If he's such a "man of god" then he should instead live as long as allowed, constantly reminded of the betrayal he committed not to God, who I'd assume he is constantly afraid of, but to the woman who was unfortunate to know such a bastard.
RT January 30, 2013 at 01:34 AM
I did the same as Josh above and it sickens me. These shows educate that if it doesn't feel right even if you are in love..RUN LIKE HELL!! His cell should be plastered with her bloody photos and someone in prison needs to "poke" him 39 times daily for the rest of his life. Whew! I need to watch Joel Osteen now because I just got bitter!
Brenda January 31, 2013 at 12:42 PM
I Saw that special on tv myself. And followed the case as it unraveled as most of Temecula did. I remember the first day they found him in the mall and it hit the news and I was sickened by the first story. More information came out daily and it just got worse. It was a dreadful crime/murder and violation of a beautiful young woman and to see it reinacted on a TV special a few weeks ago made it more obvious people saw this man loosing it. Women, literally the second a man begins to act any little bit strange, or says things that even make you go hmmm, GET THE HECK OUT. Friends who see it, speak UP, make her listen! How this man got away with days of terrorizing this woman in that van, in the mall is the worst part, and literally killed while officers were outside pounding on the doors. Many years ago my father owned a security company that provided guards to malls and that was a daily, hourly assignment. To check for cars not leaving the lot by a certain time and if someone was staying over for extra work in a store they called security and accounted for a car. Every other car was towed right on out of there, as were the ones that came in the middle of the night to "make out". And they opened the car in a few seconds with a "slim jim". God rest her soul, and I hope he gets snuffed after feeling alot of horrible pain.


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