Man Arrested for Allegedly Robbing Menifee Best Buy

Sheriff's officials say Daniel Israel Martinez, 27, pulled out a knife while robbing the Best Buy in Menifee on Saturday evening.

A Best Buy store (Patch file photo)
A Best Buy store (Patch file photo)

A Perris man was arrested Saturday for allegedly pulling out a knife and robbing the Best Buy in Menifee, sheriff's officials reported.

Daniel Israel Martinez, 27, was taken into custody in connection with the robbery that took place at about 5:48 p.m. at the Best Buy located in the 30000 block of Haun Road.

Witnesses told responding officers from the Menifee Police Department Martinez pulled out a knife on Best Buy employees and fled the store in a black Nissan sedan with stolen stereo equipment, Sgt. Chris Durham said in a released statement.

Officers arrived to Best Buy within minutes of receiving the call about the robbery and began searching for the suspect vehicle. Corporal Ryan Marcuse from the Perris Station located the suspect’s car a short time later near the 3000 block of Wollyleaf Court in Perris.

Durham said Martinez was still armed with the knife when he was approached by deputies and refused to follow their instructions. A canine was deployed and Martinez was taken into custody.

Martinez was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and will be booked in a local jail for robbery, Durham added.

Deputies found stolen property in Martinez’ vehicle and returned it to Best Buy employees.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery is encouraged to call Sergeant Chris Durham of the Perris Station at 951-210-1000.

CB January 08, 2014 at 02:55 AM
Back to Mexico? Wow. The blunt racism I read on here at times is astounding. I wish people weren't to ignorant and flat out hateful. This man may very well have been born and raised here in the US. Making him no less of a citizen. And if he isn't a citizen, that still doesn't make him less of a human being for that. Blame his actions and morals, not characteristics he was born with. Scar ace, I don't need to know what gender, nationality, color, or anything else to have a good enough feel for what kind of person you are. Your words speak for you loud enough. And people wonder how genocides throughout history could have taken place..it's mindsets like yours that is the issue. Not the way people look.
Bret D. Rijke January 08, 2014 at 06:17 PM
@CB; Step away from the crackpipe excitable one. Pretty far leap to compare someone simply playing the odds on who does what to whom, to genocide. Actually, if you want to compare real statistics, insofar as how much crime per capita, use of social services per capita, incarcerations per capita, children born out of wedlock per capita, illiteracy per capita, I would be happy to show you that the real "genocide" economically and culturally is quite the reverse.
CB January 12, 2014 at 12:14 AM
Lol, I think it's pretty fair to compare someone's dislike on an entire race to genocide, elimnating an entire group of people by seein them as inferior. People forget that whites in the united states have some pretty bad statistics. Like the highest rate of illegal drug use ans abuse. People better get used to it because Mexican blood is now found in more people in our country than any other. It now passes German blood. So I guess many Americans should leave now huh?
Bret D. Rijke January 17, 2014 at 02:16 AM
@CB; Per capita the rates of crime, illiteracy, unwed mothers, the use of social services (food stamps, free healthcare, etc.), and incarceration rates for Whites are lower than for Mexicans. And how is anyone supposed to judge anything except by it's results? I keep hearing endlessly about how great diversity is for America. But really, since the PC Nazis have hijacked our media, arts, and entertainment, how is America a safer more friendlier nation that it was 50-75 years ago? How has Los Angeles or Santa Ana become "more competitive" or thriving than they were when they were homogeneous? So save the La Raza slogans, or the "Diversity is our greatest strength" speech for those pitiful and cowed morons who don't know any better. We have every normal right and sane desire to preserve the sort of nation that we grew up in. I have as much right to defend what they seek to take. But inevitably with the birthrates, they will take it by sheer numbers. And then, when the money runs dry and the decay to infrastructure sets in (as it always does) and California resembles a "Banana Republic", where will they go? Where will the next free lunch be found?
TVOR January 17, 2014 at 04:54 PM
In my view there a few classes of mexicans living in our country. Perhaps the biggest of these groups is the illegals. This group is disproportionately from the bottom of the social classes in mexico and are neither well educated or highly skilled.this group is responsible for the vast majority of crimes committed by mexicans. It is truly a shame for those mexicans who immigrated the right way to be included in the same group as the lower class scumbags who come here illegally.


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