Man Faces More Than 100 Years in Prison for Molestation

Daniel Roger Hood was convicted of molesting his girlfriend's daughter in Oceanside and Temecula.

A man who molested his girlfriend's daughter over a two- year period in Temecula and Oceanside is scheduled to be sentenced today.

Daniel Roger Hood, 43, was convicted in June of 11 counts of sex with a child and faces up to 116 years to life in prison. He also was convicted of committing lewd acts on a child. Hood committed the acts between 2009 and 2011 while he shared a home with the girl and her mother in Temecula and later, in Oceanside.

The acts came to light after Hood left his cell phone at his cousin's home in Norco. The cousin discovered a video on the phone that showed Hood sexually assaulting the girl and called police, Deputy District Attorney Kevin Watanabe said.

During a subsequent interview, the girl, now 11, confirmed she had been abused by Hood, leading to his arrest in March 2012, according to prosecutors. The girl testified that she was molested by Hood while her mother was at work.

-- City News Service

southernbelle December 02, 2013 at 01:16 PM
so thankful this evil person was caught, that his cousin was snoopy and looked at his videos, and that there is some level of justice here. Did you know statistics say that the chances of a child being molested by a mother's boyfriend/new husband is 33% higher than not. That is frightening! My personal opinion: Women need to protect their children and DO NOT invite they're relations into the home for a very long time, do not leave their children with their relations, and NEVER move-in until there is a marriage. If your children are your #1 priority, and not your own love-life, this should be rule. lastly, it is getting unfathomable how many molesters/pedo's are sliming around and filling up the population. it's insanity.
SA December 02, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Idea …. Just kill him … why should we pay to keep him alive?
Chester December 02, 2013 at 03:05 PM
I second that!
Daniel Lane December 02, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Booking photo?
Allen G December 02, 2013 at 08:15 PM
Why is it not a life sentence or death sentence? If he's given 100 years, with good behavior in jail he'll be back out on the street in 1/3 of the time. How come so many pedophiles are let back out on the streets?
CB December 03, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Southernbelle, while I think you make some good points about not bringing new men around children for a long time, saying people need to be married to do so isnt exactly right. More and more people choose not to get married these days. I personally do not feel you need to be married to trust and have a healthy committed relationship. Getting married will not magically stop a pedophile from molesting children, and being in a long committed relation doesnt mean your partner will molest your children
Brenda December 03, 2013 at 06:34 PM
Southernbelle right up there with you on this scum, but also agree with CB on the marriage thing. It is not a good idea to bring someone you are dating around your children AT ALL. Children look for a man figure and easily become attached and then so does mother even though she might not want to be. But you certainly do NOT wait until you are married to him either. Goes both way btw cause a newly met women can abuse a mens children too, either from jealousy, and mentally, physically. Very sad because no one finds out until they are old enough to tell someone. A pedophile will act out in other ways before it is found out he is one. Great guy, and then other sexual strangeness might start to pop in, or he shows signs of other mental disorders, that is why marriage and just dating for a long time is Good and CB is spot on. Also do NOT rely on that man or woman to be your in home babysitter from the beginning or any time in the relationship. Try to keep that separate just as you would if single, because one thing these guys will do is pop up and say, "oh let me save you some money and watch the kids for ya." There are so many signs that most of us women misconstrue for "oh he is so sweet, generous with his time, will do anything for me and my kids". Allen, Atascadero State "Hospital" is now and has been for a zillion years just for pedophiles to keep them safe from "normal prisoners". They live like kings, with their own government. I have toured there and it makes me sick. The repeat offenders is ridiculous and the guards will point out how many times this one or that one has been in and out and for doing what. They let them OUT because they, err our system feels they hvae been rehabilitated and will not hurt another child. As I said, take a tour of Atascadero if you know someone to take you in, or read about it online and it will show you these guys go in and out and in and out. Heck dont even have to do that we hear it on the news everyday when they says so and so has 11 priors starting with molesting other little kids when he was 8 or something. Then usually something to do with animals. GET someone you are interested in checked out too! A good report from a private investigator to bring up all someones records of marriages, jobs, what they own or dont own, arrests is the best way to find out and DO IT, and Dont feel bad about doing it. You also just might find out he really has been married 2x before and has several lawsuits against him, or other serious things that you dont want to be responsible for marrying him. Its amazing how a man can dish out money courting you and then all of a sudden alot changes when you let him move in. Keep yourself women, and men safe from predators, or child abusers.
southernbelle December 03, 2013 at 07:43 PM
Although I completely understand your point, and agree that many are choosing not to marry these days, I have to stand by my original viewpoint that a woman should not bring a man to sleep or move in, until marriage. I suppose it's wishful thinking, and never going to happen, but my view is firm. :o) reason: because if there isn't a willingness to make a formal, long term commitment to each other, then how will there ever be a "commitment" to the child? If there is a choice not to marry--don't live together "for the best benefit of the children." Lastly, I'm sure after spending LONGER than 2 years with someone you get to know them pretty well. But there are several stories in the news where the man in the home didn't abuse right away. anyway--I think it's just astonishing the level of sexual crimes against children, i seriously just can't wrap my brain around the outlandish number of men who are interested in sexual pleasure from young children (as well as any women). evil. thnx for your thoughts CB and Brenda.
Brenda December 04, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Belle, I hate even typing this. I think some of the predators prefer certain ages, even to infants, so you could be with them for years and he doesnt do anything until a child is a certain age, or there is a new baby that reaches a certain age. When we went through Atascadero, there was one man pointed out that preferred 2 years old. Had to be 2. It was so difficult the hardest thing in the world to walk through there and wishing the whole time I had a shotgun to systematically blow each one of them away, and watch them bleed to death. I have never felt that strongly in my life about hurting another "person" if that is indeed what these predators are of children. My 2nd aunt was a Lt. of security years ago when I went through there and being that young I guess I just did not believe it would be as bad as it was or I would probably not have went in. Something I will NEVER forget but also blaringly showed me that predators do indeed look like anyone else. The best looking hunkiest man you have ever seen, the sweetest professor(of which there was many), teachers, doctors, nurses, gay men, straight men, clean men, dirty men, and on and on. I actually do not remember one of them actually looking like what I would think a predator would look like. THAT IS THE WORST PART, no calling card.
southernbelle December 05, 2013 at 02:04 PM
I agree, Ted Bundy was the perfect example. But I still believe in "lawful and professionally processed" criminal profiling, regardless . It's been proven to be more telling than not. It just shouldn't be depended upon as the "all out." Anyway, I hope peace and freedom from the offensive bondage for the victim(s)
CB December 17, 2013 at 01:45 PM
I think the belief of marriage is the same as belief of religion and politics. Its something you cant enforce onto others just because its your belief. And if you look back into history of where marriage even derived from, it was a form of marrying into wealth and power. Not about commitment to a person you love and trust. Its just tradition. Its up to each individual to decide whether or not they think marriage is the only way to show commitment. The idea is nice, but with over half ending in divorce and rising, ya it does make me wonder. If i am going to be with someone, it is because I want to be. Not because a paper states we are together, especially considering how easily (but annoying) that paper can be tossed out. Would i ever get married? Sure, if the other really wanted to. Im just saying I dont think its a necessary action to prove something. And when it comes to children, it wouldnt make any sense to marry someone before they've even met your children..i would definitely want to know how my proposed partner acts around my children and if my children like him. Family therapists recommend waiting up to one year, the reason for that is because break ups so happen so by a year, you can anticipate where the relationship is headed in order to spare your children of having men or women entering and exiting their life.
southernbelle December 18, 2013 at 08:40 PM
just to clarify--my belief isn't about marriage it's about commitment. And your'e right, it is my opinion that if someone is willing to marry you they are willing to make a serious, till death commitment. I guess because this is how my marriage is. But you are, sadly, right about hardly anyone honoring that commitment. So--i guess, never mind. and absolutely not--no one should marry or move-in with anyone without seeing them interact with your kids. yikes, seriously bad parenting! Bottom line for me is the highest rate of child abuse; sexual, physical, verbal- are statistically recorded to be that of a mother's boyfriend or step father.


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