Update: Teen Runaway Reunited with Family

Scarlett Talley, 15, who had been missing since Monday, was found in Oceanside and reunited with her family Thursday evening, a relative told Patch.

A Camp Pendleton teen, who had been missing since Monday, was found in Oceanside and reunited with her family Thursday evening, a relative told Patch.

A neighbor recognized Scarlett Talley from a poster on base, according to her uncle, Matthew Savina.

The teen ran away to stay with a friend in Oceanside, Savina told Patch.

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Daniel Woolfolk September 21, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Hi, It was updated this morning with the runaway information after your post. Thanks for the comments. Daniel
Pkmd September 21, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Hey Brenda, I was raised in Northern S.D (25 years ago) and it was VERY well known to stay away from Oceanside was the place for prostitution and drugs. The only time I was actually on CP since my fathers retirement was for prom. I know they worked very hard to clean the image for O-side and I think the big change came when depolyments for desert storm began. O-side became such a empty area and people could feel the affects of the depolymnets. In a way it was a wake up call to what was happening overseas. It was really eriee. I think alot of these military kids (like myself and my sibs)) socialize with other military kids because they are often tranfered with their parents units to each location. Sad to say they all don't live by each other once they are off based housing. As far as the drugs go.. She wouldn't have to go all the way to oceanside to get those. Whatever this CHILD needed (and I used the word child loudly) she is able to figure out with her parents. This is for everyone...the military is the foundation of our freedom & the last 10 years has been hard on the men and women overseas. Please people remember these men & woman are under orders and do exactly what they are ordered to do. However, the families are left behind and when people say horrible things about it.... it's the family that feel the effects These kids get scared who wouldn't? I would like to see more support here in Temecula for them. It's the lease we can do.
Pkmd September 21, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Momof5... pretty much anything south of Temecula is not a good area. Please remember Camp Penelton as been here longer than any of us have been. These families can not and should not have to be confined to base for everything. Military kids need to have somewhat of a normal life too. As far as the area around CP, yes work needs to be done to clean it up. All of North County needs a clean up. The sad part is, no one will allow the police to do their jobs. They have had made so much progress with these check points to get the unlicesned or no insurance drivers off the road. You would be suprised on the drugs and guns taken too. However, Brown and his croonies are doing eveything they can to stop this progress. Public safety is being taken from the communities because of your state leaders. Read up on the rolling black outs for fire stations. Read the bills being discussed on the CA.gov webiste. Read the ones that have passed with out anyone knowing about it. It is really scary and makes me sick. I have explained to my kids, don't plan on living here when your older. California used to be a great state, but the majority of us know what happened and no one in Sac. has the guts to take care of things.
Pkmd September 21, 2012 at 07:11 PM
I wonder why a reverse 911 doesn't go out for the runaway kids like they do for an amber alert. Why are the EMS not being used especially if Law Enforcement wasn't sure if it was an abduction or run away. Either way, I think runaways need to have the same alert system. If they state would do this and these kids know that phones all over will start ringing, I bet these kids would start re-thinking their actions. Oh wait,, let me re-think this. State of California doing something to protect kids.... never mind I answered my own question...lol
TVOR September 21, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Glad the girl is back home. I hope she and her family get the counseling they apparently need.


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