UPDATED: One Arrested as Protesters Line Murrieta Border Patrol Facility Entrance

The gate to the Border Patrol station was protected by several dozen police Friday, as about 140 women and children from Central America was rumored to be heading from San Diego to the Murrieta station.

An aerial view of protesters outside the Murrieta Border Patrol station on July 4, 2014.  Photo courtesy:  Skyphotosl
An aerial view of protesters outside the Murrieta Border Patrol station on July 4, 2014. Photo courtesy: Skyphotosl

At least one protester was arrested July 4 outside the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, as tensions rose among immigration protesters.

Three other people were arrested, including a woman who allegedly jumped on a police officer, according to ABC 7.

The protester was seen calmly walking toward a police squad car while demonstrations both opposing and supporting the federal government's immigration policies lined a rural road and shouted at each other.

The protester, Larry Spencer, 54, of Hemet, was arrested on a misdemeanor violation of disobeying a lawful order of a police officer. He was brought to the Murrieta police station, where he was cited and released, according to Murrieta police Capt. Dennis Vrooman.

Spencer allegedly refusal to stay behind a designated line for protesters. His arrest was the only one to occur during the tense standoff, according to Vrooman. The number of protesters appeared to have dwindled as the day progressed.

There was a report of one person being treated for heat exhaustion. There was another about additional arrests having occurred, but the information was not confirmed, according to KCAL9.

"It's a free speech issue, and I don't cede that too easily," Spencer told CBS2. "I am not going anywhere."

Police officers created a barrier with yellow police tape in between immigration protesters and supporters by midday.

The demonstrators were kept under the watchful eye of police and federal agents as the effort to keep 140 immigrants who were expected to arrive on a bus from entering the Border Patrol processing center continued throughout the day.

"The Border Patrol assisted us," the police captain said.

As a line of Murrieta police cars lined Madison Avenue near the processing center, officers told an angry phalanx of demonstrators through a bull horn to keep things peaceful during their wait for the bus.

Immigrant advocates faced off with anti-immigrant protesters while a group of Aztec dancers played drums in the background and performed.

The figure of a man made of tape sporting a white T-shirt saying "I love immigrants" was propped on the shoulders of one pro-immigrant protester while other demonstrators chanted slogans for undocumented immigrant to go back home.

One resident, Nevada Gutierrez, tweeted that she lives in a nearby community and reported that the "tension is palpable from here."

An immigrant advocate, Luis Nolasco, of San Bernardino, told City News Service that the gathering of more than 100 demonstrators was highlighted by chants and shouting.

"People need to remember that the ongoing immigration issue is also a "humanitarian one," Nolasco said.

"It's a refugee crisis," he added.

Both the mayor and city manager of Murrieta have said the Tuesday blockade of three buses by relocation opponents has given the city a "black eye," an image that does not reflect the "compassionate and caring" nature of the city.

"We have been challenged, and in some ways we fell down in the face of the challenge" presented by protesters who succeeded in blocking three buses from arriving at the Murrieta Border Patrol station, City Manager Rick Dudley wrote in an open letter posted Thursday night.

Since the protest, long sections of rural roadways near the Border Patrol station have been marked "no parking," and both sides of the issue have been given assembly areas. But law enforcement officials have said a repeat of Tuesday's blockade of the buses, presumably carrying women and children will not be allowed.

The gate to the Border Patrol station was protected by several dozen police Friday, as 140 women and children from Central America were rumored to be heading from San Diego to the Murrieta station. There, they were to be processed and in many cases, released to travel.

On Monday, Murrieta mayor Alan Long appeared on national television and encouraged residents to protest the use of the federal facility in Murrieta.

But Long told City News Service Friday that immigration reform needs to take place on the federal level, and not in the streets.

The unresolved issue over immigration must be "where we should focus our attention to," Long said.


— City News Service. 

KMA July 06, 2014 at 03:49 PM
Marlene- you really expect Obama to reimburse Murrieta for this? You are an optimist.
Julian B Duron July 06, 2014 at 04:59 PM
Patriot Americans whenever a Candidate runs the ELECTED of SHERIFF always vote for a CANDIDATE that is a member of the CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS and PEACE OFFICERS ASOOCIATION (CSPOA) The Sheriff that won this past election and one running against him both were not members. Remember a Sheriff can effect an arrest and FEDERAL AGENT and not comply with any ILLEGAL REQUESTS of this ROUGE FEDERAL AGENCIES of OBAMA>
Ken Lewis July 06, 2014 at 08:09 PM
Marlene, To answer your question who is paying for those cops protecting those illegal aliens and arresting local resident protesters is YOU and every citizen of Murrieta. Basically you are paying for those cops that are more than willing to arrest you for protesting against flooding your city with hundreds maybe even thousands of illegal people with on money, no place to live, bringing in all kinds of diseases, violence and crime, expecting to have foodand shelter supplied at your tax dollar expence. Not to mention what the arrival of these illegal blood suckers will do to your property values. No one is going to want to live in a Barrio. If you want to stop the destruction of murrieta you have to take action. Not with protests and signs and being arrested by the boys in blue whoses wages you pay for demonstrating. It's like stopping a rattle snake. If you want to stop it immediately you chop off the head and food supply. The way to stop this snake infesting Murrieta is by not paying your property taxes but even better boy cott the local big businesses that pay huge tax dollars to the city that supplies the pay checks for the boys in blue that are willing to arrest you and protect illegal aliens. Spport the small businesses but boycott the big tax payers like walmart, cosco, Home depot, Lowes etc. When the Murrieta city council finds they have no money to pay for the cops, their pay checks, schools, etc. They will wake up and back the citizens not lock them up. Shop the walmarts, cosco's, lowes and Home Depots in neighboring cities. Cut off the tax dollar money flow to the city and watch how fast the city leaders get in to action to stop the flow of illegals from entering the city. You have to cut off the head of the serpent by cutting their tax income.
Billy Bob July 06, 2014 at 08:34 PM
Rick D. is a Dick D.
Henry July 06, 2014 at 08:36 PM
FEDS PLAN RIOT COPS TO PUSH THROUGH ILLEGALS IN MURRIETA CALIFORNIA ICE riot cops said preparing to barricade road.. Read story here! http://www.infowars.com/feds-plan-riot-cops-to-push-through-illegals-in-california/


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