POLICE: Ex-Boyfriend Flies Into Rage, Beats New Boyfriend With Golf Club, Injures Toddler

Temecula resident Robert Lance German, 23, was arrested on suspicion of many crimes.

A Temecula man accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and injuring a toddler in the process--then leading police on a chase--has been arrested.

Robert Lance German, 23, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, felony vandalism, terrorist threats, domestic violence, child endangerment, resisting arrest, DUI, reckless driving and misdemeanor hit and run, according to Sgt. Jon Wade of the Temecula Police Department.

The alleged trouble began when German showed up at an apartment complex where his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and a 3-year-old child were at, explained Wade.

Using a golf club, German allegedly smashed out four large sliding glass doors at the apartment in the 29600 block of Solana Way, injuring the child with flying glass, Wade reported.

“The suspect entered the apartment and assaulted his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, striking the new boyfriend with a golf club. The suspect threatened to kill everyone in the apartment before stealing a bottle of wine and leaving in his vehicle,” Wade said.

While deputies were investigating the incident, German returned to the apartment complex, but then sped away in a vehicle, Wade continued.

German was followed and tracked by a sheriff's helicopter for more than 25 minutes “as he drove erratically through the city of Temecula and the surrounding unincorporated area,” Wade said.

At one point, German crashed into another motorist on Pauba Road at Via Rami in Temecula, Wade said. “Neither motorist was injured in the collision. German drove away from the scene after the collision occurred,” the sergeant added.

German then drove down a dead-end road, abandoned his vehicle, and attempted to flee on foot. He was finally apprehended in a field southwest of Pauba and Margarita roads in Temecula, Wade said.

Keep to the Truth March 05, 2013 at 09:33 PM
How very sad it makes me to read these comments, c'mon now, certainly all you "GOOD FOLKS" out there realize how newspapers & media "sensationalize" what they put out there, to attract more subscribers, viewers support etc. There is ALWAYS more to the story, than that which is initially "puffed up & glamorized" in news articles. We all should be much more concerned with this future generation & the additional struggles they are having to deal with, every generation seems to be getting worse. Instead of bantering online and casting judgements & saracasm, why not consider all the loved ones of any victims or perpetrators, of any crimes, and work together as a community, to help, to find some resolution, to improve our community & it's future generations. I dont think any 1 of us is in any place to cast "judgement" upon others, when we absolutely, without a doubt, know 100% of the truth, the facts. I choose to JUDGE NOT, BLAME NOT, no bullying, no sarcasm, no high & mighty selfish attitude. What a wonderful world it would be & could be, right here in Temecula Valley, if we all banned "together" in good thoughts, in prayer, in an attitude of compassion, and a willing to assist in any small way, in improving our community and it's people. This will be my commitment. How bout YOU ?????
Keep to the Truth March 05, 2013 at 11:30 PM
ooops...when we absolutely without a doubt....... DO NOT ......... Know 100% of the truth or facts.
Keep to the Truth March 10, 2013 at 03:21 AM
Just for your info .....commenters....many of the "allegations" have been dropped, no toddler, no child, NO persons were hurt, beaten, injured....thankfully....Yes, there will be plenty of consequences to EVERYONE's actions...but everything happens for a reason...and Good shall come out of this....God works in mysterious ways...Lets all support our young people who are struggling to find work, struggling everyday to live a healthy lifestyle, struggling to find their way in life......Just a thought. Thank you for considering.......
Brenda March 10, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Keep, I agree we NEED to help our young people, having mental, drug, alcohol abuse problems 100%. I do not believe in tossing them in jail and not addressing those issues. Issues that cause a life long existance of breaking the law and in and out of jail/prison. The bottom line is we do not have the resources, facilities we used to that these folks need long term to help them so the court sentences them to classes 30days of AA or NA. There are few long term live in facilities left and ones that are like Salvation Army have a waiting list of a year+. I have seen some great success stories come out of the Salvation Army its just too damn bad we do not have more of them. Others of course you have to be Lindsay Lohan to be able to afford on the beach with yoga and your own personal attendants. This incident did include alot of charges and either way it goes its a young man that needed help to realize his relationship is over and she moved on to someone else. So many Domestic Violence cases happen just for this reason and so often one part of the relationship is able to go right out and pick up a new someone, leaving the other party devastated. But it should never be to the point this guy even went over there whether he meant harm or not. Relationship over, please get help if you feel you want to hurt her or the new man. There are many "sane" moments in our minds before we do something like this, we need to grab one, STOP, call someone!
Keep to the Truth March 27, 2013 at 01:58 AM
Agree Brenda........however....sometimes the TRUE facts are distorted in reporting... the unhappy boyfriend...is the one that Broke off the relationship...a love triangle, or quadrangle is never a good thing, nor is a fatal attraction where one or the other, in this case the female, just wont let it go. We all should be aware, you can NOT believe everything you see or hear in the news or media.


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