Pot Farm Discovered in Sage

Five suspects were arrested and more than $1 million in pot seized when deputies stumbled upon a marijuana farm Tuesday in Sage.

A patrol deputy's keen sense of smell led to the discovery of a marijuana farm in Sage, the seizure of more than $1 million of pot and the arrest of five suspects, authorities said today.

The deputy assigned to the Riverside County sheriff's Hemet Station was in the area of Schmidt and Gene roads around 12:50 p.m. Tuesday when he detected the scent of marijuana in the 42000 block of Schmidt Road, said sheriff's Sgt. John Morin. His investigation led him to a three-acre property surrounded by a large fence, he said.

"A sheriff's helicopter arrived and confirmed his suspicions," Morin said. "As the deputy approached the location, several suspects ran from the property."

Members of the sheriff's Gang Task Force and additional deputies corralled five suspects, he said.

A search of the property turned up 184 large, mature marijuana plants, more than 150 pounds of dried marijuana plants and five pounds of marijuana ready for sale, Morin said, adding that the pot had an estimated street value of more than $1 million.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived at the property and placed immigration holds on all of the suspects, Morin said.

Suspects taken into custody were: Juan Rodas, 19; Bernade Ayala, 23; Bladimir Gonzalea, 22; Juan Seduardo-Hernadez, 23; and Juan Miranda, 23.

LBV Collins September 26, 2012 at 06:51 PM
"...the pot had an estimated street value of more than $1 million." But if marijuana were legal, it would probably be worth only a few hundred dollars. Not enough profit to encourage criminals and cartels to farm it. But what am I thinking? We need to keep marijuana illegal! The Mexican Cartels and drug traffickers selling poison to our kids need money, right? They're just trying to earn a living, right? And what about our Federal agents? And our narcotics officers? And our prison guards? They're just trying to earn a living, too, right? Yep, I think keeping marijuana classified as a Schedule I narcotic keeps people employed and helps our economy. (Well, except for the $50,000/year per inmate that it costs us taxpayers to house druggies. That is kind of expensive.) Nonetheless, I'm sure it's worth it.
melody September 26, 2012 at 08:46 PM
well if our fedral gov would legilize it and tax it we would not have these issues. because for those that need it for medical reasons .in whitch it helps myself and many others as well as our encomy.so i disagree with your commit.i am not a druggie .odie
LBV Collins September 26, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Hi Melody. I wish to apologize for my "druggies" reference. My comment was intended as sarcasm for the way our government has decided to deal with people using illicit drugs. Instead of providing drug rehab, they lock them in prison. (Imagine how overcrowded our prisons would be if we dealt with alcoholics the same way, locking them in prison as punishment for their offense... of ingesting chemicals in their own bodies?) I fully support Medical Marijuana use and I'm glad it's legal. (I just wish our city would allow dispensaries to open so you and other patients could purchase your meds in a safe, crime-free environment.)
Brenda September 27, 2012 at 01:36 AM
Melody, I 2nd what LBV says. She was being sarcastic to make a point that it should be legalized so that it wont be worth as much money, the supply will be more and demand will be less in $$$ otherwise. What we used to pay 200 bucks for we could probably get for $20, for those of us with Medical cards for chronic health problems. Then anyone who just smokes it to smokes it can go into a world of oblivion, parents or whoever will find out and get them to drug rehab. Because Medical patients only smoke or vaporize for the pain, or to sleep, or be able to eat. Now, I am going to make my post below as this verifies what I always say about the camp cities, err Tent cities, and everyone questions if I know what I am talking about. LOL. When I don't say or discuss something I dont know something about. Besides hell at my age I know alot about everything. :)
Brenda September 27, 2012 at 01:47 AM
This is for the illegal lovers who say that they can be here, its a free country for them, its a free country for religion, let them have their babies, lets vote Brown into office so he can give them all a free college education, and while we are at it lets let them take over most of the Cities around the City of Los Angeles because they all voted for Brown. Or those of you that say no American man or woman would do the back breaking work an illegal man or woman would, like picking berries, cleaning houses. WRONG! Now, I always say, the men and women working fields are the legit immigrants who are following the procedure to become a citizen. They go to work in the fields as it is good money for them, they are paid by the crate, not the hour so they can work 16 hrs a day. (there might be a few farmers who pay by the hour but I have not seen one yet)They usually get a 1099 form at the end of the year. So this way they do not pay in taxes either until the IRS gets ahold of them and explains the 1099 form and paying taxes etc. The wives yes, work as a nanny or housekeeper. They also do very well, or do not work at all. I have to say while my girls were growing up I had Nannies for them and m girls were taken care of great and they didnt suffer from the weekly colds and stomach flu's from day care. However, they lived in my home, they had two days off, I took over when I got home unless they wanted to go grocery shopping or something with me.
Brenda September 27, 2012 at 02:12 AM
Part 2. These women were 1099'd also, they had their own room(there was usually a list of their demands given to you when you interviewed them at the Nanny/housekeeper agency). Now these are the families, or single people that come over and do things the right WAY. Right paperwork and wait for months for each step to happen. However during the process they eventually get to bring their children and spouse over here if they have one. In one of my cases, our nanny got to bring her 3 daughters up from Argentina and we actually took her to the airport to pick them up. But while they waited they had to pay the "agency" 20% of their earnings each week, and they they sent money home to their families. I made sure they had great xmas's and birthdays etc. BUT, now we go to the ILLEGALS. They do not usually have the funds to pay the coyote's to get here and the coyotes usually make here with their load with all the underground railroad things they have available to them. Because this is all run by the drug lords here in California they are actually paying the coyotes tha work for them the monies to bring these men, err people over, men to work making, growing drugs. That is why every time you see a group raided on cops, or other shows, or on the news there is no Boss they wanted, but a warehouse, tent city or home full of illegals.
Brenda September 27, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Part 3 This pays off their indenture to the Boss, but it never ends, they keep working, then get paid. Their younger prettier daughters are given over to the drug lord for prostitution, to the camps, houses to keep the men in sex and happy, and many of them end up dead somewhere. This is where the aid comes in and you have the women having the anchor babies, some pregnant before they get here, then their very young daughters getting pregnant, and so on and so on, even grandmothers. Its difficult for them to do a work for aid program with 8 kids and I have never seen them have to do it. All I know if you know how to talk to people in the welfare offices, ask questions they are so willing to let it all spew out and tell you facts and figures, tell you why your grandfather and aunt are still way down on a list of those waiting for low income or section 8 housing in Santa Barbara for example. Because a woman who is not able to work with 8 kids and one on the way by her 13 yr old daughter get precidence over a 85 yr old man and a 65 year old woman, both disabled on top of low income.
Brenda September 27, 2012 at 02:13 AM
part 4 As Brown gives Illegals more and more and more and the extent of the things illegal they do from the moment they set foot in California illegally. All documents illegal, marriage or not married lied on all forms, men work drugs illegal, as do women illegal, or they take care of all the kids, and these are not the immigrants with proper documentation that they waited and got the right way, going through the system and are truly over here working and paying taxes. Sure they get aid but its not as much. Great job for getting 5 illegal guys, and over a million in Pot guys. Again though if it was legal there would be no drug lords, not as many illegals being transported over to work the bushes, and make meth, not as many filing for aid with a baby popping out every year. And a ignorant governor the only one not afraid to go into most of the Cities around Los Angeles.
keepn it real September 27, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Really I can't wrap it around my head while in 2012 people are still worried about POt1 It not only could be the only thing left to save the state of California [TaxesP. And it helps sick people. Get rid of the Gangs that are all over riverside selling Meth and Herion. WAKE UP Pepole who drink and drive that's scarey pepole who smoke pot not so much..
Think September 27, 2012 at 09:03 AM
Wow, Melody. Keep on token! Your inability to recognize the obvious sarcasm in that statement speaks for itself. Keepin it real, I would be just as afraid of a driver who was high as I would a drunk driver. LBS, what would you recommend as the "legal toking limit"
Melodyy September 29, 2012 at 06:02 PM
0ther melody here......I agree with you Collins.....everything you said....this incident was on my street...was quite the feeask0 might i add.......I had no idea what was going on there and im an observant person...never thought twice about that property...they weren't negatively effecting us.....just making that money $$$$$$$$$


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