UPDATE: Man Killed in Fatal Crash Identified as Temecula Resident

The deadly wreck was reported just before 5:30 a.m. at the Moraga and Rancho California roads intersection, according to Cal Fire.

Update 9:07 p.m.:

A man who died in a two-vehicle crash in Temecula Sunday was identified as a 27-year-old Temecula resident.

Jason Hart was pronounced dead at 6:24 a.m., on Rancho California Road, near Moraga Road, according to the Riverside County Coroner's office.

Hart was driving his coupe west on Rancho California Road toward Moraga Road, according to sheriff's Sgt. Jim Larson.

The second motorist was driving his coupe on Rancho California -- also toward Moraga, Larson said.

The cars entered the intersection simultaneously and collided, sending Hart's car into a nearby brick wall, the sergeant said.

The crash was being investigated as possibly alcohol-related on the part of the other motorist, sheriff's officials said.

Update 11:40 a.m.:

A motorist has died following a two-vehicle crash that possibly involved drunken driving in Temecula early Sunday.

The motorist who died was traveling west on Rancho California Road toward Moraga Road, according to sheriff's Sgt. Jim Larson.

The second motorist was heading east on Rancho California -- also toward Moraga, Larson said.

The vehicles entered the intersection simultaneously and collided, sending the first vehicle into a nearby brick wall, the sergeant said.

Medics took both motorists to a hospital, where the first motorist was pronounced dead at 6:27 a.m., Larson said.

Traffic investigators were to remain on scene for about five hours, reconstructing the wreck.

Initial investigation has determined that alcohol may have been involved in the crash, on the part of the second driver, Larson said.

Anyone with information on the crash was asked to call traffic investigators at 951-696-3000.


An early morning wreck Sunday trapped and injured two people in Temecula, fire officials said.

The two-vehicle crash was reported just before 5:30 a.m. on Morage Road, near Rancho California Road, Cal Fire's Jody Hagemann said.

One motorist suffered critical injuries; the other was seriously injured, Hagemann said.

Brenda September 29, 2012 at 09:46 AM
I sure hope not William. You can drive a sharp snazzy car, look great doing it and do the speed limit. Look at all the "Stars" who drive these 250k sports cars, race cars, and they drive like they are out on a Sunday drive just to make sure everyone sees them. Try that cause we would much rather wave at you cruising then call the Fire Department to scrap up your body with shovels off the cement and the police to have to go to your families door with the horrible news of your death :./ "Such a young man with a lifetime ahead of him racing his Honda EP3 Si was killed today." Not a headline any one in your family, or friends, or anyone in the whole of Temecula want to see William. Slow down hun, cruise it :)
Mrs. B. October 01, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Hi William. All I know about the case is the guy who was driving the mustang was. He is an acquaintance of my older brother. I have known him for almost nine years. I know he is not so innocent, everytime I have encountered him he was either drunk, high on speed, or high on pot. And just to clarify the person who brought up the three DUIs is my little brother and this is his post which I copy and pasted: This was his third accident while being drunk. I don't know if the other two were documented as DUIs, but I do know he has had two accidents before caused by him being drunk. Even when he would be sober he was wreckless. Don't exactly know how he is doing, but I have heard he is in serious to critical condition. I keep checking the sheriff's site and nothing yet. We have known him for so long and my little brother happens to live in the same apartment complex. One of these accidents that the driver in the mustang was in, my older brother was in the car and had to walk home from the accident after this driver fled the scene. My older brother was lucky enough to walk away with an injured knee. Also, the comment about the person mentinoning the 3 DUIS being a lie and that person being the onw who sent him to the store to buy smokes. Well, that is most certainly a lie. My little brother does not hang out with J.T. not does he smoke or buy smokes for others.
Mrs. B. October 01, 2012 at 04:20 AM
And just because Jason was in his late 20s and driving a Subaru STI (built for racing) does not mean he had a rush to drive a sports car recklessly, I know that was not what William said but honestly, I do not see why it was even mentioned if it was already suspected and more than likely the survivor was drinking and made the decision to get behind the wheel.
Robert Sanchez October 01, 2012 at 04:43 AM
William, if you know so much about this why didn't you post sooner? Or how do you know he went to go "fetch smokes?". Were you the one who sent him? By the way my sister already said that I don't smoke or hang out with the survivor. I know for a fact he has had a dui before because it is mentioned in the paper and I already talked to his old employer who works right next to my employer. Think about what you type before you post. Get your facts straight.
Brenda October 01, 2012 at 08:43 AM
Mrs. B and Robert, Thank you for giving more accurate information on this guy Longshanks.


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