Temecula Murder Trial Sees Another Delay

Today's continuance was one of many in the case.

The trial of three San Diego men accused in the at a Temecula bar has been delayed again until Sept. 17.

Judge Angel M. Bermudez issued the new date today at the request of the defense, which was not opposed by DA's office. 

Matthew Alexis Basler and James Wing Fung, both 32, and Marvin Justin Black, 27, are charged in the Dec. 26, 2008, stabbing death of Chapman University student Ryan Joshua Armstrong, 22, and the attempted murder of his friend, Joel Ross, in an alley behind E.T.'s Bar in Temecula.

Armstrong's father, Ron Armstrong, founded Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar. 

Following a two-day preliminary hearing that began Dec. 12, Judge Freer ruled that a trial was warranted. A weapons allegation was added against all three defendants, who are also charged with assault with a deadly weapon to produce great bodily injury.

Basler and Fung are additionally charged with trying to prevent a witness from testifying, and all three men have alleged prior strikes.

Today's continuance was one of many in the case.

FireCracker August 14, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Im really not feeling like taking care of these idiots for the rest of their pathetic lives. WTH wouldnt we enforce the death penalty? Bunch of bleeding heart morons. Other states would already have fried these guys. California huh?
friendly reminder September 16, 2012 at 06:58 AM
its so amazing how people are so quick to judge these men when they wernt there dont know the full story and have no clue what really happened. mental midgets all of you who sit and spew hate on people you dont know or the true story behind the actions, you read the damn newspaper passing judgement like you were there knowing the paper only puts half the truth or rewords things to how they see fit. i feel for ryans family for there loss and hope that others never feel thier pain, but the only ones who know the truth of the story are those who were there and if you wernt there then you have nothing to say about what happened accept for condolences to ryans family.
oregongirl September 19, 2012 at 01:29 AM
God forbidding anything happens to a family member of yours I hope you are as compassionate for them as you are for these sick men. There is a lot to the story I'm sure you are unaware of but first let me tell you that you are a completely contradicting yourself when you talk about being judgemental because you yourself are judging people for having a natural human response to someone stabbing and murdering someone and I'm I rather be on my side of judgement than you're naive and ignorant side
oregongirl September 19, 2012 at 01:31 AM
You said you have never had anything like this happen to you well I will give you some inside to how the family might be feeling. Imagine you're child that you fed stayed up with all night being with them when they are sick happy sad being with them the first time they fall in love or graduate from highscool or imagine your sibling someone you have known you're whole like you're best friend the person that knows you best an will always be there for you ... Imagine a cousin that you look forward to seeing in the summer and treats you like a sibling and that out know would do anything for you or your family them imagine them been ripped from you in a  horrible stupid selfish act. You will miss them an think of them on every holiday every birthday and every single night you will have vivid dreams they are still with you and that you have just been living in some horrible terrible nightmare then to wake up and find you are actually living and breathing that nightmare everyday so excuse me for judging these men that you so gallantly stand up for but I think they deserve far than what they will receive to in prison I think the only thing that will bring peace is knowing that thee all might Lord will judge them one day and trust he will make the best choice for where they end up for eternity.
oregongirl September 19, 2012 at 01:35 AM
With that being addressed I would also like to point out that they left without harm and left a young man dead and one seriously injured I don't know what else matter or what else you need to know for you to see that they put themselves in the spot like of judgement of not only a jury but every human that hears of the horrible act them commited. They still do not show remorse to this day there is a bit of information that you will not find in the paper but from someone who knows the story better than you. 


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