Trio Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Uncle

The three face charges relating to an alleged drug-related murder.

Three people pleaded not guilty today to killing a man in a drug dispute near Wine Country.

Bradley Capen, 53, was found dead around 9 a.m. July 6 with a shotgun wound to the head. He was padlocked in his home in the 44900 block of Los Caballos Road.

His nephew, Kyle Christopher Miller, 27, was arrested that day and charged with felony murder using a firearm in commission of a crime, being a convicted felon possessing a firearm and conspiracy to commit a crime, according to a complaint filed by the District Attorney's office.

Two people were arrested on July 12 for their alleged connection.

To read about the arrests, .

Ian Inserra, 37, and his live-in girlfriend, Patty Ann Lamoureux, 45, were charged with murder and conspiracy, according to court records.

The three defendants appeared at the in French Valley today, each in a prison uniform with their hands and feet shackled.

A fatal fight

The crime began the night before when Lamoureux drove Miller to the home of a man identified only as "Raymond A." in court records. Miller and Lamoureux hid the sawed-off shotgun in the man's garage, according to court records.

Miller and Inserra drove back to the garage later that night and picked up the weapon. The next morning, they drove to the victim's home, and Miller barged in with his loaded shotgun, according to the record.

Miller told his uncle to hand over prescription drugs and cash. The victim refused, so Miller shot his uncle in the head, the record states.

Miller took his uncle's wallet, cell phone, prescription medication and some cash. He then padlocked the victim's bedroom door from the outside and Inserra drove him away.

Miller gave Inserra $700 from what he stole from his uncle, the record states.

When they got home, Lamoureux wiped the shotgun free of blood and fingerprints and stashed it in the garage of Raymond A. Later, after investigators questioned Lamoureux, she arranged for another man to bury the gun in the hills near the house, records state.

Lamoureux also faces charges of shoplifting, possession of marijuana and violating probation. Miller also faces probation violation charges.

Juan F August 22, 2011 at 04:00 PM
Drugs suck!
moeras August 23, 2011 at 04:43 PM
what a nice family...
john walsh February 09, 2012 at 08:01 AM
i grew up with brad capen we were best friends growing up this is so sad rip brad


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