Woman Accused of Using Fake ID to Withdraw $4K From Bank Account

Murrieta police have released surveillance photos in an effort to identify the suspect.

The woman in this surveillance image is suspected of fraudulently withdrawing $4,000 from Bank of America, 23781 Washington Ave. in Murrieta. (Photo/Murrieta Police Department)
The woman in this surveillance image is suspected of fraudulently withdrawing $4,000 from Bank of America, 23781 Washington Ave. in Murrieta. (Photo/Murrieta Police Department)

The public’s help is sought to identify a woman who allegedly fraudulently withdrew $4,000 from a Murrieta bank branch.

The woman pictured in these surveillance photos released by the Murrieta Police Department is suspected of using fake identification to withdraw the funds at 2:02 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21, at Bank of America, 23781 Washington Ave.

Murrieta police say that to complete the transaction, she used fake identification including a social security number matching an actual Bank of America customer and a fraudulent driver’s license which contained her picture but had the victim’s personal information.

The suspect allegedly returned to the same bank branch at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 30 to attempt a second transaction; however, that time she was denied, according to police.

She is described as a black female in her late 40s or early 50s, weighing approximately 200 pounds, with gray-brown short hair, an acne-scarred face and skin growths near her right eye.

Anyone with information about the suspect was asked to contact Detective Sgt. Phil Gomez by calling 951-461-6356.

Brenda December 31, 2013 at 06:24 PM
Geesh wonder if she had the Bank Cards to the bank also, and an account? Or just went in with her ID, Social Security card and they let her cash 4k in a BofA customers stolen checks? Checks they didnt know were stolen? This lady got away with this way too easy. I have had my bank of america call me to verify a 120.00 check made out to one of my daughters for heavens sake. I think they serious dropped the ball on this one. I had this happen to me before many years ago. The teller even admitted that she thought for a second that she should make calls and see if that was me taking 1500.00 out of my account. But she just did it anyway. It was not my branch and after the transaction the teller called my branch and asked for my description and obviously I was NOT skinny, hispanic with alot of makeup with a work ID swinging around my neck. I was blond/blue/hardly any makeup/ driving a volkswagon like all So Cal Girls, LOL. So there was not much they could do and they never found the girl but she also had my drivers license, right address on it, and matching social security card. But goes in with stolen checks totaling 1500 wants to cash them and says she has an account there. So zip zip zip, clank clank of the money counter and out she walks with cash from bad checks. Banks make it far too easy and need to call on all checks being cashed, not just ones to young girls for 120 bucks. 1st warning is that thief does not have anything on them with their account number on it? Atm, check card, checks(which we used back then alot more) or something? If the teller has to look up that checking account they need to be calling someone!
Brenda December 31, 2013 at 06:26 PM
Come on come on, who knows this Lady? Come forward and tell us about her? People know her and as soon as this picture is out there a few hours more people will be coming forward and also other banks and retail establishments because this is not her first rodeo.
JJ Mclure January 01, 2014 at 11:16 AM
she must have known the lady had 4k in the bank...they'll catch her....4k doesn't last long.


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