City Of Temecula Hires 2 New Executives

City of Temecula Interim City Manager Aaron Adams directed national recruitments for both positions.

Fresh faces will be joining the City of Temecula, it was announced Friday.

Kevin Le Von Hawkins, director of community services for the City of San Bernardino, has accepted the same post with the City of Temecula.

According to a City of Temecula news release, Hawkins has more than 15 years experience in the public sector, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and executive credentials in public policy.  

The first day on the job for Hawkins in Temecula will be April 15.

Additionally, it was announced that Jennifer Hennessy, director of finance with the City of Chico, has accepted the same post with the City of Temecula.

Hennessy has over 12 years of experience in the public sector, as well as an additional seven years of private sector financial analyst experience, a bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance and economics, and a master’s degree in business administration, according to the city’s news release. 

Hennessey’s first day with the City of Temecula will be April 29.

City of Temecula Interim City Manager Aaron Adams directed national recruitments for both positions, including screening and interviewing processes, according to the news release. Adams also personally conducted background investigations on the new hires, according to the release.

The news release was sent out after 5 p.m. Friday and salaries were not included in the document. According to the California State Controller's Office, in 2011 total wages for Temecula's director of community services are listed as $211,579. Total wages for the city's chief financial officer are listed as $179,371 in 2011.

In 2011, total wages for the City of Chico's finance director are listed as $131,904, according to the state controller. For that same year, total wages for the director of community services in the City of San Bernardino are listed as $148,576.

The 2011 year is the most recent for which figures are available from the California State Controller's Office.


Gandhi March 31, 2013 at 07:42 AM
Sounds like typically overpaid bureaucrats to me!! I sure dont make any where near that money, and neither does anybody I know here in Temecula. Why do they think they deserve this kind of money? Easy pickings is what it is, and the taxpayers get screwed, as usual.
5150 April 01, 2013 at 02:27 PM
That's why our property taxes are so high
Misterschmidty April 01, 2013 at 04:18 PM
I've got a real problem with $211,579 for a Director of Community Services. Especially considering that the new Director is now going to be paid $60,000 more for the same job in a larger city. Is Temecula opening up the path to another compensation scandal like the City of Bell? $211,579 for a Director of Commuinty Services is $32,000 more than the City is paying its new Chief Financial Officer which is essential and a far more responsible position in the City. This twisted logic could use an explanation on reporting relationships and job descriptions to clear up the disparity.
Gandhi April 01, 2013 at 11:07 PM
I am trying to get a large group together to go to the next City Council meeting and let them have it!! Not only for this outrageous amount of money spent on salaries, but if you read the last Valley News you will see that our LAST city manager, Shawn Nelson, is currently reapting $35,000 a MONTH, and he's no longer the city manager!!! I want to see an investiation take place immediately. Also, for those of you who know Larry Robinson, he was murdered here brutally while working at Petes Music Store, he was much loved by the local community - they need to post a reward for the murder(ers) of at least $10,000 immediately! Those cowards are still at large in the community and I think this is small potatoes and well worth the money spent to catch them, and prevent them from doing this again to someone, dont you? If you're with me on this issue, be at the next city council meeting, you can see what I look like here on my photo, just look for me there. Everybody should have a 3 minute speech prepared, and be angry, we should be, its about time, we MUST stick together on this one. If anybody knows who the correct person might be to do an audit, let me know, or contact them yourself. Check out the Union Trib and Californian for stories regarding huuuge salaries, contracts, pensions, etc. in this city. We need a full investigation, maybe the DA's office?


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