Clay Thibodeau Answers Your Questions

U.S. Congressional candidate Clayton Thibodeau did a live streaming interview with Temecula Patch to answer reader's comments.


U.S. Congressional candidate Clayton Thibodeau answered readers' questions during a live streaming interview with Temecula Patch last week.

This is a summary of that interview.

Anotherview asks: Does (Thibodeau) mean to end Medicare, Medicaid, disability insurance and such programs for young and old? Both the state governments and the federal government have been involved with the funding of medical care for a long time.

Thibodeau says: We as American citizens have come to depend on those. I have relatives who depend on those. Without those programs, seniors, people who are disabled, young and old, they would all be suffering. Ending the programs is not a good idea.

Stanley asks: Fifty million Americans have no health coverage. Meanwhile, big pharmaceutical companies rake in billions in profits and buy off politicians. How much do you stand to get, Clayton?

Thibodeau says: Every nickel we get for our campaign comes from private, individual donors, but what Stanley might be getting at a deeper problem. Candidates become representatives, which is obviously my objective, they go to Washington and are flooded with bribes, if you will, from all these big conglomerates… That's a legitimate fear because it's been going on for so long. Then if affects the legislation that our representatives roll out of Washington… it's bad business. It's exactly that kind of corruption we need to address in Washington.

DM asks: Mr. Thibodeau, after visiting your website, I get the feeling that even though you want us to exploit our own oil reserves to help us be energy independent, that you want more green energy also. Is that correct?

Thibodeau says: It is critical that we as a nation explore every type of energy that's available. Oil is plentiful right now, it may not be plentiful 100 years from now, so we either address that issue, or we don't. It's silly not to address that issue.

GVNI asks: How can you help the 42nd district attain more jobs for everyone as well as transitioning adults such as teens in high school? What can you do to provide that demographic with the tools, knowledge to better prepare them for life after high school. Overall, what are your goals for teens other than sending them to Uncle Sam?

Thibodeau says: The best thing the federal government can do for our young people to help them get employed is to get out of the way.

Temecula Patch asks: How do you feel about the state of medical marijuana in Riverside County?

Thibodeau says: I find nothing in the Constitution… that gives the federal government the authority to regulate marijuana. I'm not saying they don't do it. I'm saying there's nothing in the Constitution that gives them the authority to regulate it. However, the Tenth Amendment says that all authorities not given to the federal government reside in the people and with the states, in our case, the state of California. The State of California has the authority to say it's legal, so it's legal.

Temecula Patch asks: What do you think of the Liberty Quarry controversy?

Thidodeau says: I think the unfortunate situation we're in now is we have a company that purchased land and expected it to go through normal channels, but it went against them because the public outcry was too loud. I would say it's an unfortunate situation, but probably at this point, this particular construction company's probably going to be selling that land for a loss. I think if they go in and try to pull another permit, they'll be shot down, because the public has the right to protect itself.

Temecula Patch asks: What do you think of the constitutionality of red light cameras?

Thibodeau says: The constitutionality's really simple. They're unconstitutional, but not for a lot of reasons we hear, like invasion of privacy, because we don't have any rights to privacy when we're outside… we do, however, have the right to face our accuser, and you cannot face a camera.

Dog April 21, 2012 at 09:21 PM
This guy seems pretty rock solid conservitive with good replys to some leading questions...(Stanly, 35 of those 50 million uninsured CHOSE to be uninsured),if I could get past his last name he might get my vote...lol
Tonto April 21, 2012 at 11:01 PM
They always trow in 20 million illegals in that bogus number too :(
Cynthia Myers April 22, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Re: Liberty Quarry - Granite's request to be exempted from current zoning and noise ordinances was denied. They knew the regulations when they proposed the quarry and bought the land. No sympathy here if Granite lost its gamble, because the public DOES have a right to protect itself from incompatible land uses in its community.
Jim April 22, 2012 at 04:34 PM
For those who sometimes venture into LA County, here is important info if you have a ticket from ANY city in LA County. As revealed last summer (numerous article in the Times), the LA Superior court does not report ignored red light camera tickets to the DMV. That means that if you ignore your ticket from Beverly Hills, Covina, Culver City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, the MTA, Santa Clarita, Walnut, West Hollywood, etc., it will not affect your ability to renew your registration. All that will happen is that you will receive some threatening-sounding letters from a collection agency. Also, no matter what California city issued your ticket, you need to know about Snitch Tickets, which are fake/phishing red light camera tickets sent out by the police in an effort to fool the registered owner into identifying the actual driver of the car. Snitch tickets have not been filed with the court, so they don't say "Notice to Appear," don't have the court's address and phone # on them, and usually say, on the back (in small letters), "Do not contact the court about this notice." Since they have not been filed with the court, they have no legal weight whatsoever. You can, and should, ignore a Snitch Ticket. If in doubt, Google the term. Finally, if you have any kind of ticket from before 2009, there is a statewide "amnesty" allowing you to pay it off for half price. 'Til June 30, 2012.
tifeni April 22, 2012 at 04:51 PM
RE: rock solid conservative with good replys: I guess if, u like avoiding direct answers with political garble. Ending medicare "Not a good idea" doesn't say He will fight to keep those programs in place. "Best thing the government can do to help teens with job preparations after graduation is to stay out of the way" Just how is that helpful, it certainly doesn't say what He will do....Pharmaceutical kick backs of course they exist, Mr. T didn't say He would NEVER take one or would ABSOLUTELY FIGHT THAT CORRUPTION just "address it in Washington" is always a good politicians avoidance of direct answers. Thank God we have choices at the polls.
SPB April 24, 2012 at 01:38 AM
yeah, the choice between guy who avoids direct answers A and guy who avoids direct answers B
DM April 25, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Thank God we have choices at the polls, because very few true conservatives come along that say it the way it is, like Mr. Thibodeau does. He answered every question directly and the reason why he feels that way. Mr. Thibodeau has stated over and over again he will fight corruption in Washington, so as tifeni stated above, he has not followed Mr. Thibodeau very closely if he does not know that by now. The other candidates can't hold a candle to Mr. Thibodeau and his devotion to the people of this district. He wants to fight for them and their rights as Americans, holding firm to our Free Interprise system of government and not big government control over our lives, taking from each of us our liberty. My vote goes to Clayton Thibodeau!
Rose May 22, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I think his bashing of Eva Johnson makes him have another side to him , also he doesn't reside in Riverside County his record says La Mesa, so I am not to sure about this guy at all. Well maybe he will talk nicer about a Christian Conservative unless he is concerned she might win!


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