Issa Tries to Delay Obama’s Health Care Plan

Temecula’s congressman introduced a bill that would stall implementation of the president’s health care reforms.

Temecula’s congressman introduced a bill that aims to stall the president’s health care reforms.

The bill, called the Constitutional Protection Act, will bar congress from taking action on the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act until federal court cases challenging it are closed.

Darrell Issa, R-CA, Temecula’s congressman, and Joe Walsh, R-IL, co-sponsored the bill. It will stop implementation of the healthcare reforms until all legal challenges filed in federal court before Issa’s bill was introduced until those cases are closed.

The constitutionality of the new healthcare plan was challenged by two court cases, so funding it is a bad idea, Issa said. “While ObamaCare remains, at best, in constitutional limbo, it’s beyond reckless to allow taxpayer dollars to be spent hiring new government regulators to oversee the creation of its massive and legally dubious bureaucracy,” he said in an emailed statement.

The new healthcare program was not only financially dangerous, but immoral, Walsh said in the statement. “It is fiscally reckless to fund this morally odious and thoroughly unconstitutional piece of legislation,” he said.

Issa introduced a bill with Senator John Ensign, R-NV, that aims to increase transparency on how the government deals with health care waivers only a few days earlier.

“This bill will shine some needed sunlight on what’s happening,” he said in an emailed statement.

Click here to read the House version of the Health Care Waiver Transparency Act.

Click here for a copy of the Constitutional Protection Act, H.R. 1185.


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