Independent Announces Bid For Congress

Curt Novak is the sole Independent seeking electing to the 42nd U.S. Congressional District.

I am announcing my candidacy as the only Independent seeking election to the . California has been my home since I was born, and I have lived and worked within the newly redrawn 42nd District for over 12 years. I have seen many good changes. However, recently I have seen several poor decisions made by Congress, changes that were not made with our best interests.  Instead of dwelling on past congressional mistakes, I am focused on putting California and the United States back on track towards success.

I have engineering and business experience in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive and defense industries. I’m acutely aware of the loss of American manufacturing and service jobs to overseas countries, and I want to bring these crucial jobs back to the United States and Riverside County, where we can again share in economic profits.  I hold both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine and Santa Barbara, respectively. I thoroughly enjoy my engineering career. In keeping with this desire, I have no interest in becoming a career politician.  I’m a proponent for congressional term limits and will return to my engineering profession after four years in congressional office.

My top three legislative priorities are:  

•    Demanding government to practice fiscal responsibility through sound money policy including Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve.   

•    Enacting an energy policy that removes our dependence on imported, foreign, middle-east fuel and helps transition us to domestic, North American energy sources such as less costly natural gas.
•    Providing an affordable, single-payer health care option to the majority of Americans who’ve asked for it.

As an Independent, I’m not forced to “toe the party line” when it’s not helping us here in the Inland Empire. As an Independent, I am in the ideal position to enact beneficial legislation and make positive changes for our community. Moreover, since I’m not a Career Politian (nor have any aspirations to become one) I am not indebted to big-money, special interest groups.  I want what’s best for us, a vibrant Inland Empire, and no amount of Dem/Rep partisan bickering or wealthy lobbyist can change that.

Please visit our campaign website www.ElectNovak.com for additional information, facts and issues.

-- By Curt Novak, candidate for the U.S. Congress

TVOR May 14, 2012 at 11:11 PM
How would putting congress in charge of the federal reserve benefit the citizens? Don't you think the government should not be involved in the health care industry? After all the constitution does not guarantee each citizen (or any illegal alien) medical care.
Jeff Walters May 15, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Mr. Novak, There are many more people like you that are needed to fix this mess our so called elected officals have gooten us into. I think that there are only three wise changes that need to be made to our system of government. #1: An elected offical can obly work their way up the elected ladder, not down or across like Jerry brown has done and like State Sen. Gill Sedio is doing. #2: have all lected officals pay for thier own gasoline or fuel becuase none of them do. Take thier money and they will listen, quite simply really. #3: Elected officals can only get paid once they produce, the same as with any other job. You don't produce, your fired or you don;t get paid. Take their money and they will listen. Quite simple really. So take these thoughts into consideration, do what is right for the peopl, by the people and help take our country back from the non-thinking idiots who only want to gain power and money.
Curt Novak May 16, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Jeff, I'm in alignment with your thoughts regarding elected officials. They should be public servants first and foremost. Their number one priority must be to their constituents, well ahead of increasing their own financial wealth. The final straw for us, what got our campaign started, was when Calvert's business "Stadium Properties" took away public land that was supposed to be allocated for a children's community park in Jurupa Valley. Instead of returning the property, after the purchase was uncovered by the Jurupa Community Services District, Stadium Properties chose instead to litigate. Jurupa had to use tax payer dollars to fight its Congressman's real estate business in court. Google it or check out our campaign website electnovak.com for links to news articles. Did you know that Congressmen earns $174,000 per year regardless of performance? Congressmen receive a government pension after just 5 years in office. Ridiculous. I will do everything in my power to stop both. Regards, Curt
Curt Novak May 16, 2012 at 07:04 PM
TVOR, Great questions. As you may already know, the Federal Reserve is not a "Federal" agency. The Federal Reserve is an independently controlled corporation of private banks. The Fed bears responsibility for the economic mess we are in now. Between 2007 and 2010 the Federal Reserve secretly bailed out many of the world's banks, corporations and governments without any public oversight or debate. They gave away/risked 16 Trillion of our US dollars and this was not uncovered until Congressmen Grayson and Paul introduced a Bill to Audit the Fed. Now that we know what The Fed is capable of doing we're still not watching. We need safeguards and transparency to assure we know about it next time. The Fed can manipulate the value of our personal wealth and economy through its control of interest rate and currency. Check out our page "fiscal responsibility" on our campaign website. The government is already involved in the health care industry. Pharmaceutical companies contributed $31.6 million to Republican and Democratic political candidates in 2010 and then those same politicians gave us "mandated health insurance" through Obamacare. I want to get rid of mandated insurance while allowing access to affordable universal health care to those who want it.
Jeff, My name is Eva Johnson. I am a Republican running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the California 42nd District. I have spent 15 years in Southern Riverside County as a community leader. I am a Military Veteran, a Business Woman, a former Commissioner for the City of Murrieta, and a activist for families and children. I am a policy researcher and public policy analyst. I am a conservative who advocates for limited government. I fought hard for the Murrieta Initiatives under the limited government PAC that the voters in Murrieta passed by 73% in the 2010 election. I believe that our government has burdened us with over-reaching public policies in order to control people. As a public administrator and business woman, I understand the impact on families when the unemployment rates is high, gas prices are unbearable, and a government that wants to tax and regulate more. I support the repeal of Obama-care, and the termination of the unconstitutional, unlawful land grabs taking place in the 42nd district. I believe in lower taxes for businesses, Congressional term limits, banning Congressional earmarks, fiscal management and defending the U.S. Constitution. For more information please visit our face-book page at www.facebook.com/evajohnsonforcongress2012. Please visit the campaign website at drevajohnsonforcongress2012.com.


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