Murrieta Red-Light Cameras Slated to be Shuttered

Red-light cameras installed at three Murrieta intersections are scheduled to be turned off Dec. 14 pending the outcome of a new lawsuit to stop the city from enforcing the ban.

Red-light cameras will be turned off in Murrieta, but they will not be taken down just yet.

Following the will of 57.26 percent of voters, the cameras are scheduled to be shut down Dec. 14—indefinitely.

Murrieta city council voted unanimously Tuesday night to certify the Nov. 6 election results. According to election law, voter-approved measures such as the one prohibiting red-light cameras in the city must go into effect within 10 days of the results being certified, which is Dec. 14.

Just prior to casting their votes Tuesday, however, council members decided in closed session that the cameras would be turned off pending the outcome of a new lawsuit.

“They are asking the judge to say the initiative is invalid because it is a statewide issue, not a local issue,” said Murrieta City Attorney Jeff Morris.

By “they,” Morris was referring to Safe Streets For Murrieta, which bears the same name as a committee that during the campaign received at least $55,000 from American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the cameras in Murrieta.

There was no council discussion on the matter; however, a few members of the public urged council members to adhere to voters’ will.

“The citizens beat big business by spending less than $2,500 (on the campaign),” said Diana Serafin, who led the measure effort. “...The citizens of Murrieta are the victors. The red-light cameras are all about money.”

Another resident, Francis Burns, asked the council to “act with integrity.”

“The people behind this initiative followed all the legal guidelines and the process falls under the guidelines of the constitution of the state of California,” Burns said. “I believe that the only course of action the council has...is to remove the red-light cameras at the minimum...I believe if the council decides to take any other action...is to take on...(an) attitude that you know best and that you are going to ignore the will of the people.”

City legal staff explained the suit was filed Monday in Riverside County Superior Court in an effort to stop the city from enforcing the camera ban.

“It is the council’s desire to follow the law,” said City Attorney Leslie Devaney. “The appellate court had (signaled) before the election that they thought the initiative was (in violation) of the council’s discretion. But they didn’t want to rule so they basically said we are going to wait for the election.”

Until and if the court rules otherwise, Devaney said, the city is prepared to shut down the cameras on schedule.

Alan Taylor December 06, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Great work Diana!
Scott Thomas (AKA - Scott Thomas) December 06, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Would it be illegal to pass out masks to all the Murrietans?
Entitlement Queen December 06, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Well Steve just so you know I find Jeff Kleiner to be both insane and hilarious because nothing he posts about me is even close to accurate. He posts what he thinks is real based on information he finds online. He then creates a fantasy of me being a wife beater or that my kids are ugly or that my kids have mental issues needing therapy. He also thinks i live with Mommy and daddy which is funny as hell.Jeff also acts like his family is sooooo important to him. In reality though he is impotent with no kids with a wife that has a face that looks like a grapefruit sized teabag. He has family members like Jill and Branden Kleiner that along with the rest of his direct family have disowned him. And according to his wife Cindy's twitter account he sits at home on disability with the shakes. She has blasted him several times on twitter for being such a lazy ass. All Jeff has is his four walls and his pugs along with a blog to live a fake life through and a sports salary web site and twitter site to give him purpose. Compared to my life Jeff's life is just shit. I laugh at his insane rants every day It is comedy. The next thing he will post is me graduating from Murrieta stalker to Murrieta serial killer. ROTFLMFAO


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