News of 2012: Top 30 Most-Viewed Reports on Temecula Patch

The following list is based on page views, reflecting which news drew the most attention on Temecula Patch in 2012.

It was a busy year for news in Temecula, with elections and the Liberty Quarry controversy grabbing headlines.

But crime, fire and public safety were among the most popular subjects for you, the readers.

The following list is based on page views, reflecting which news drew the most attention on Temecula Patch in 2012.

Which reports resonated most with you? Which reports are you surprised to see on this list? And which are you surprised did not make the list?

30. UPDATE: Sheriff Investigating Winchester Woman's Death as Homicide

29. Family of Woman Left to Die on Roadside Cries Murder


27. Land Sold for Temecula Water Park

26. Tunnel Digging Boy in Critical Condition Following Collapse

25. Is Your Child Using 'Bath Salts?'

24. Update: Memorial Ride For Teacher Planned by Murrieta Bike Shop

23. Investigators: Other Motorist Ran Light in Temecula Fatal

22. UPDATE: Woman's Death in French Valley May be Hit-And-Run



19. UPDATE: Driver Dies in Fiery Crash on Hwy 79 South


17. Temecula Resident Killed In Highway 79 Crash Identified


15. Suspect in Woman's Stabbing in Custody

14. Alleged Killer of Temecula Musician Ready for Trial

13. Temecula Apple Store Damaged in Apparent Drive-in Burglary


11. Victim in Temecula Car Crash Dies From Injuries

10. UPDATE: Man Trapped in Car Suffers Major Injuries

9. Obama And Romney Square Off Again Tonight: 2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

8. Girl Found Unclothed in Car May be Murrieta Child

7. Temecula School Assistant Principal Dies in Tractor Crash

6. Woman Kills Herself in Temecula Park

5. Teacher's Aide Accused of Abandoning Daughter

4. UPDATE: Man Killed in Fatal Crash Identified as Temecula Resident

3. UPDATE: Victims of Temecula Fatal Identified as Seniors

2. UPDATED: Undercover Drug Operation Leads to 22 Arrests at Temecula High Schools


Bobbie Dilks December 31, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Alan, I agree! Talk about an over sight!
Cheri December 31, 2012 at 10:57 PM
The Pechanga Indians saving ruination of Temecula, by the demon Liberty Quarry - Good olde Granite Construction should have been the main and biggest story of the year, it ended positive so positive for Temeculans!!!
frank z January 01, 2013 at 02:10 PM
these are just some of the reasons we are glad we do not live there anymore. Too many people and way too many problems.
Galactic Cannibal January 01, 2013 at 03:47 PM
Is Death and Destruction rampant in Temecula ? How much of this carnage was/ is caused by DUI's . which the DB Cops shove down our throats all the time . And who illegally stop residents with road blocks for search and seizure. How the masses get conditioned . Repeat over and over again the same misinformation on the BIG BAD ...DUI's ..... and ignore the REAL BIGGER KILLER ...the NON- DUI.


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