State Democrats Endorse Taxes, But Not Death

The California Democratic Party met in Orange County this weekend to determine support for November ballot measures, including the death penalty ban and a sales and income tax increase.

The California Democratic Party Executive Board Sunday voted to support Proposition 30 -- the November ballot measure backed by Gov. Jerry Brown to increase sales and income taxes -- and to oppose Proposition 38, which would increase the income tax to bolster funding for education.

In its meeting in Anaheim, the board also voted to support:

  • Proposition 34, which would end the death penalty in California;
  • Proposition 35, which would increase criminal penalties for human trafficking;
  • Proposition 36, which would make changes to the state's three strikes law;
  • Proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically engineered food;
  • Proposition 40, a referendum of the new state Senate district boundaries.

The board also voted to oppose:

  • Proposition 31, which would establish a two-year state budget cycle and make other changes to the state budget process;
  • Proposition 32, which would prohibit unions, corporations, government contractors and state and local government employers from spending money deducted from an employee's paycheck for political purposes;
  • Proposition 33, which would allow insurers to offer discounts to new customers who can prove they were continuously covered over the previous five years.

The board voted to stay neutral on Proposition 39, which would change the way multistate businesses calculate how much income taxes they owe.

michael eldridge July 31, 2012 at 11:55 PM
thank you for this important information i will pay close attention to this when filling out my mail ballot to send in
Jeff Walters August 01, 2012 at 03:58 AM
Prop 34 should be repealled, period. To take it's place should be a new proposition should be introduced which gives only 90 days until the crimminal is put to death. No long drawn out appeals, no new eveidence, no new nothing. 90 days, they die. Now this should only be for persons who: #1: commit gang related homocides #2: have no remorse for thier doings #3: Commit crimes out of hatred due to race, sex, reglion, age, ect... #4: Drug related crimes that deal with chemical drugs only, #5: Homocides due to drug wars or sales or drugs, any drugs #6: Any undocumented person living in thsi country who commits murder, period.
Jeff Walters August 01, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Now that I have peoples attention. the only way to have a fair and balanced state government is to take control of that government ourselves by empossing our own 2/3 majority rules. #1: Elected officials only get paid based on thier performance. You don,t perform for the people, you don't get paid. #2: Elected officials can only work thier up the elected chain, not down, not sideways, not cominh abck after they have already held that office. #3: Take away all entitlements, every single last one of them. (Did you know that state senator Gill Sedeo office spent $48,000.00 in fuel cost in 90 days when he was overseas?) #4: Every single elected official must complete a background check before being elected, pass a drug screen test, and have current automotive insurance, same as in the public workforce.
Jeff Walters August 01, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Elected officials will never do anything that takes money away from them. So we ahve to do it for them. We need to take the money back from these liars, thieves and whores. They do not have our best interest in mind at all, period.
5150 August 02, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Well said Jeff, Im hungry i am going to chic- fil- a, my favorite place to get some nibs


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