Temecula City Council Establishes $25K Reward in Larry Robinson Killing

Larry Robinson, 64, a well-liked local musician, died March 23 after he was found beaten and bound the night before at Pete's Music & Guitar Shop in Old Town Temecula, where he worked.

Temecula City Council on Tuesday approved a $25,000 reward fund to help find the person or people responsible for the beating death of musician Edward “Larry” Robinson during the robbery of an Old Town music store. 

The request was brought forward by Mayor Mike Naggar following an April 9 City Council meeting in which several members of the public, and the Council, expressed "sadness and outrage" over the death of the musician known for his personable nature, wrote Interim City Manager Aaron Adams in a staff report.

(Click on the attached PDF to read the full report.)

The money was allocated from the city's general fund. Additionally, the public may contribute to the reward amount to increase its balance. Contributions can be made by visiting the Director of Finance's Office at 41000 Main Street. The department will hold the funds in a treasury account to be dispersed by check when the person or persons responsible are convicted.

If no person has been apprehended or charged with causing the death of Robinson by March 22, 2018, all monies in the fund shall be returned, with interest allocated to these contributions based on earning of city-pooled investments, to the respective donors.

"It is the sincere desire of the City Council, Temecula Police Department, and citizens of Temecula, to apprehend and hold responsible those who committed this horrific crime and bring a sense of peace to family and friends of Larry Robinson," Adams wrote.

TVOR April 24, 2013 at 09:49 PM
I hope this leads to the capture of the killer.
Brenda April 25, 2013 at 12:40 AM
I do also Tvor. Thank you Temecula City council, and all other citizens who will be contributing to this reward. A bigger thank you to those who went each meeting to fight for this reward.
jas468 April 25, 2013 at 01:17 AM
Larry was a good friend of mine, and I hope this - along with the other breaking leads - will bring his killer(s) to justice.
Fredw April 27, 2013 at 12:01 AM
We hope the evil that took this wonderful human and local legend will be found and brought to justice.


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