Watchdog Group Launches Petition to Protect Brown Act

Californians Aware is asking voters to sign a petition that would protect key provisions of the Brown Act, the state's open-government law.

A Sacramento-based organization launched a petition drive Sunday to amend the California constitution to ensure that municipal meeting agendas continue to be offered to the public, though in Temecula it is already ensured.

In June, the state Legislature gave California cities and counties the option of not posting meeting agendas and other reports to save money. This action suspended a key provision of the Brown Act, which requires California cities, counties, school boards and special districts to conduct their meetings openly.

On Sunday, Californians Aware launched a petition drive to place a proposition on the statewide ballot.

In Temecula, city staff assured Patch that the municipality will continue to post agendas the way it has done since the city was incorporated in 1989.

"Even though the law might not hold public officials accountable for no longer posting agendas or providing adequate descriptions of items on them, angry voters would hold them accountable, and political exposure has always been a far more powerful motivator of Brown Act compliance than legal exposure," stated Californians Aware on its website.

There is also a bill that would preserve the Brown Act provisions, but it remains in limbo in the Assembly Appropriations Committee after the state Senate passed it.

To read more about the petition, click here.

Cik Bast July 23, 2012 at 02:59 PM
The state is ungovernable and the politicians that you voted-in are corrupt while bankrupting the state with frivolous crap. Not posting meeting agendas and other reports under the disguise to save money is yet another governance malpractice move to hide their corrupt intentions.
No Incumbents July 25, 2012 at 04:24 PM
That's a fact, the corruption is on the rise and this just another attempt to screw the public. Just to mention a few they are hiding the fact the Temecula and Murrieta are planning on adding drones. City fighting to keep the money scam of traffic cameras in Murrieta. How many city council people own property in Wine Country, = the massive push to add hundreds of wineries and destroy that beautiful area, etc.etc, etc. FOLLOW THE MONEY - CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION! By the way sick of all the obummer ads on every damn page of the Patches!
Jeff Walters July 28, 2012 at 04:19 AM
We the people have the power in our hands if we can just pull ourselves away from American Idol, Sports and other brain draining t.v shows. We need to have elected officials that lead by example, not by the pocket book. I have placed numerous ideas ont his site and not one single like minded person has responded, are they all a bunch of cowards? It seems so to me. Anyway, th elected officials that get rich from holding an elected postition need to be held accountable and have thier butts kicked out of office. "Take thier money and they will listen".
Jeff Walters July 28, 2012 at 04:28 AM
For those of you who are not cowards, please respond to the following: #1 Direct term limits: an elected official can only work thier way up the chain of command, not down, not sideways or unilateral. You cannot be the mayor then a city council member. You cannot be the Governor then the State Attorney General. #2: All elected officials get paid based on thier performance, period! if you don't produce for the people by the people, you don't get paid....nothing. #3: Take away all entitlements..... everysingle damn one of them! #4: Every single elected offical must surrender thier first years worth of pay to the Social Security Administration to offset the stealing of that reserve.


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