Waterpark Agreement Approved

The park is slated for a 19-acre site on Dendy Parkway and Diaz Road.


A deal between the City of Temecula and Wild Rivers Inc. is one step closer to being sealed.

The agreement calls for the corporation to put a deposit of $1 million to buy a 19-acre piece of land on Dendy Parkway and Diaz Road in northwest Temecula.

The City Council approved the deal during a meeting Tuesday at the Civic Center.

The $1 million will be applied toward the purchase price, but the city plans to first have the land appraised, then a final price needs to be negotiated.

The planned site of the park was once slated to have a large educational complex, but the deal fell apart. The city now owns the land.

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A waterpark plan was developed in Temecula twice, and both times if fell apart.

The first time, it was approved to go on Ynez Road just north of Winchester Road. Then a group of local business owners sued the city, because they said it would snarl traffic.

They won the suit, and years later, the city broke the lot up into smaller parcels to encourage residential development.

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The second time, it was slated for the Diaz Road and Dendy Parkway site, but the company backed down when the economy tanked.

Rich February 16, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Hopefully they will require the development company to upgrade the existing freeway off ramps as part of the plan. Even people that do not live in the area will say to me that traffic is horrible were you live.
Zvezdochka February 16, 2012 at 10:02 PM
A water Park would be great. It would put the Teens to work for summer jobs as well as adults. The only reason that there is traffic is because we only have "TWO MAIN STREETS." not hard to figure out
Paul February 17, 2012 at 01:25 AM
More cars, more out of town problems possible. A water park should be in a little more remote location, like Fallbrook maybe? we have three exits on the freeway it will be a nightmare.
Renee Guevara February 17, 2012 at 08:50 AM
The traffic impact is going to be horrible. The pro's are great and we all know we need it, but I would like to see the plans that are included in the deal to NOT make traffic any worse than it already is! The Ynez/Winchester intersection is a nightmare unless there are cops posted there....people all think they can run the lights and block the intersections. The Ynez light going South is only long enough for 4-5 cars to get through and now that the land that was sleighted for the water park and is now residential impedes it more, not to mention Murrieta residents using this as a thoroughfare. They were talking about making Date go through? Not sure if this would help or not.......people would take Date over from Jefferson, from the water park or just from commuter traffic and then clog up the Ynez/Winchester intersection worse..............Most people from Ynez are trying to get to the freeway entrances.....not too many are going through to Jefferson, so that wouldn't eleviate any issues on that end..There needs to be some CLEVER PLANNING to be able to handle more traffic in this small area of town!!!! There needs to be some CLEVER FIXING to fix the already existing problems!
Renee Guevara February 17, 2012 at 08:53 AM
Yes, this was a small cow town.....not planned well enough to be such a busy city! POOR POOR CITY PLANNING and they need to get THIS ONE RIGHT!
Brenda May 02, 2012 at 08:35 AM
At one time I thought it was going in up on Newport a bit west of the 215 freeway so it did allow for the heavier traffic, and there was room to expand the freeway exits and onramps also for easier access. Apparently that plan fell through also. That would have been a perfect location and enabled fast and easy work to make it accessible to everyone very easily. IF it goes in Dendy and Diaz oh Lord, talk about adding to the traffic issues we already have. Unless they have some awesome planner who can figure out a way to get 3 or 4 lanes going off the freeway at least a half a mile back before the actual exit they might as well scrap this idea. This is an exit that needs to be like the ones going into Disneyland. As well as the entrance to the waterpark which also needs that many turning into it, and out of it, and also traffic control and parking attendants. Hopefully they all think of this, unlike our City who just sees the MONEY, so we dont end up with even more added issues on our freeway exits and onramps in Temecula. Holy cow, I just do not see anyone being smart enough to worry about this traffic issue. We will be having people , families coming from 50 to 75 miles away at a minimum guaranteed. Again, hope our City has more on their mind then the MONEY. Like how about how to make this a successful, happy, fun experience for the residents of Temecula, and the out of towners coming here to play in the water. Lets do something RIGHT before hand Folks.


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