Deva Satva Yoga of Illumination & Healing Circle

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 27431 Enterprise Cir W # 102 Temecula CA 92590  See map


2 Day Yoga & Healing Workshop

Saturday, May 5th/12 10am-5:30pm

Sunday, May 6th/12 10am-3:30pm

All fitness levels welcome!


27431 Enterprise Circle West #102
Temecula, CA 92590

Email: connect@pathwaysoftheinfinite.com


(858) 740-9093

$175.00 TILL APRIL 23RD

FROM APRIL 24TH *$195 per person – *Lunch Included

The practice of these Yoga’s regularly facilitates your flow of energy and strengthens your life force that in turn generates further benefits such as:

• Improves sleeping patterns • Enhances the balancing of the left and right brain (assisting with mood swings) • Increases ability to focus and to hold attention for longer periods of time • Promotes a stronger immune system • Facilitates the removal of toxins and calcifications (helps releasing allergies) • Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow and liver function • Cleanse & Detoxify ~ Regenerate & Rejuvenate

The Healing Circle ~ We will share and address any experiences, questions or issues on both days. We suggest you bring a notebook if you would like to record & share any insights or experiences during the workshop.

Day 2: Healing will also be facilitated after the completion of the Yoga’s by Christina (Reiki Master/Belvaspata Grand Master/Intuitive Sound Healer) & Trish (Intuitive Medium/Reiki II) either through the modalities of intuitive sound healing, intuitive readings or Kaanish Belvaspata: a powerful healing modality for enlightenment.

Please bring your own yoga mats, pillows/blankets. *Lunch will consist of “Trish’s Delish Hearty Salad”. Fruits, vegetables and water will also be provided.

**An incentive reduction will be given to those who bring two participants to the workshop. * If there may be a financial hardship in attending the workshop we can work out a beneficial arrangement. Please contact us for either of these options.

Deva Satva Yoga of Illumination

Three are the linear stages of change.

Transformation, which sheds the obsolete.

Transmutation, which creates a higher order. And Transfiguration, which changes reality.

Irash Satva Yoga is the Yoga of Abundance and very powerful! Received by *Almine, this ancient methodology is exponentially expanded and enhanced by incorporating the alchemies of sound and frequency. Using easily mastered postures, paired with music created specifically for each, the 144 gates in the mind and body are opened and cleansed of their dross and debris, allowing the practitioner to tap into the abundance of Life.

Shrihat Satva Yoga is the Clearing of Past Reincarnations. This yoga assists in removing past life debris and promotes energy flow. Each posture is accompanied by a sound elixir. A sound elixir is a specific type of music created to assist the body with the release of distorted frequencies that in turn can manifest into diseases, ailments, and emotional difficulties. The Poetry of Dreaming is used to open non-cognitive communication with the deeper states of dreaming. This allows the issues of very old cycles of life to come to the surface for cancellation by the sound elixirs.

Saradesi Satva Yoga is the Yoga of Eternal Youth. The illusion of polarity, the impossibility that the One Life can be divided and split is brought to resolution by balancing the opposite poles exactly. Only then can they cancel one another out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond – the reality of Eternal Youth. Science and metaphysics agree that man utilizes only a small fraction of his innate capabilities. The ancient Lemurian records, translated by Almine, have produced this unique body of yoga to facilitate the evolution of man’s capacities. This Yoga will facilitate change on the DNA level. It consists of 6 still postures and 6 movements similar to the feminine martial arts. This culminates the 3 yoga’s as The Yoga of Illumination.

*If you prefer to pay by check or cash we require a 50% deposit when you RSVP and the balance 5 days before the workshop. Please email us if you prefer this method instead of Paypal.


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