Former Rancho Christian Head Coach Jameison Offers Thanks, Staff

Kenric Jameison issued a news release Friday following his removal this week as head coach of Rancho Christian High School in Temecula.

In response to his in Temecula, Coach Kenric Jameison issued a news release Friday.

Jameison thanked for the nearly two years he spent launching the school's football program:

“I would like to thank Rancho Christian Schools for the opportunity of being their first Head Coach. Over the last 20 months I have realized that my short season there has been one of the best times of my life. Rancho Christian Schools is a great place with exceptional administration and staff. It is an extraordinary school that I believe is one of the best in the Southwest Riverside area.

“When I was hired at RCHS, I was told to build a team that would be Nationally, State-wide and Regionally great. I tried to accomplish that mission. After a long discussion, the administration decided that our differences were too far apart to continue the relationship with me as Head Coach of Rancho Christian High School. I regret that it came to that decision but understand that the change of vision and direction for the school’s football program was no longer a good fit for me or my coaching staff.

“I will forever be thankful to Rancho Christian Schools for the opportunity and will miss the relationships with the school staff, students, and parents that brought me so much happiness over the last 20 months. I am looking forward to the day I can return to the campus to celebrate the good memories we shared.

“Overall, I believe we accomplished our goals as coaches at Rancho Christian High School. Our number one objective as a coaching staff was not football, it was to develop great young men for our future, to mentor them into becoming strong in their faith and to see them as great future husbands and fathers for our future generation. We believe, in our short stint at Rancho, we were able to impact and change lives through our ministry of football. The coaching staff has been able to witness the growth and maturity we were able to impart over the last year and a half. We all feel we  definitely contributed to our student athletes to be better prepared for life.

“I would like to thank the church, administration, parents, students, and most of all, the football team for all the support that was given to me this week. It just helps me realize that although things don’t always work out the way you expect them too, God’s love never fails. I am thankful for my season and faithful that another door will open soon.

“As for the coaching staff, we have been able to meet, discuss and analyze our performance over the last 20 months. We are eager to coach high school football again and look forward to our next opportunity together. We realize that coaching this year is nearly impossible, but we will be gearing ourselves up and hoping that we are given another opportunity very soon to show a high school and high school football program that we are organized, structurally ready and excited for the task.”

According to the news release, Jameison’s coaching staff includes:

  • Ray Anderson, USAW Certified Olympic Power Lifting Coach
  • Byron Chamberlain, 10-year NFL Veteran, 2 time Superbowl Champion and Pro Bowl TE/WR
  • Ben Coleman, 9-year NFL Offensive Lineman
  • Terrell Davis, All-Time Denver Broncos leading rusher, League MVP, Superbowl MVP, two-time Superbowl Champion Running Back
  • Travis Davis, 4-year NFL Veteran Defensive Back, 5 year Junior College Defensive Coach.
  • Tyree Washington, 2003 World's Fastest Man, World Games Gold Medalist, NFL WR

Jameison said he and his staff were able to "build varsity and junior varsity level 11-man full-contact programs from scratch within 14 months."

"The experienced staff and aggressive schedule attracted many student athletes," Jameison said. "Last year’s team played most of their schedule as a fill-in in the highly-regarded Trinity League."

—Submitted by Kenric Jameison

Dale Verseput September 01, 2012 at 03:38 PM
What an incredibly huge loss. There should have been way more people involved in such a profound decision than just a few administrators. Certainly doesn't inspire confidence in Rancho's judgment, and I'm a Rancho parent.
middleagedopinion September 01, 2012 at 09:42 PM
What character Coach Jameison is displaying in the face of such adversity. My son was greatly influenced by this football coaching staff at RCHS and we will be forever grateful for their mentoring in our son's life. I wholeheartedly agree with the last comment wishing more people could have been involved in such a profound decision than just a few administrators. I respect and support our current administrators but am uncomfortable with the power level they have assigned themselves. I am so aggrieved they were not more committed to working this through to a solution with the football coaching staff - quitting people should never be a Christian option.
David Shisler September 03, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Man what a coaching staff, is this the NFL, or one of the big Universities around the country, I know football is important but in High School? Winning is important but losing also builds ones character.
Stanley September 03, 2012 at 05:25 AM
You're right on. Too much emphasis is put on football and other sports in high school when an education should be the priority. And with this particular Christian school parents are paying good money and they should be spending more time on teaching about angels, demons, talking snakes, Noahs Ark, supernatural beings, miracles, etc - you know, things that will help them get a decent well-paying job in the future.
Jonathan Hawkins September 26, 2012 at 07:04 PM
I laugh at teams that tout the big name coaches. Just because you played in the league does not mean you know how to relate to young kids and teach them skills that came so EASILY to you. I would put coaching staff's of successful programs with less "NFL" experience and I bet they could coach these guys under the table.


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