Great Oak High School Honored For Keeping Kids On Track

Great Oak's Intervention Program is designed to support struggling students and was recently honored by county and state officials.

Great Oak High School’s Intervention Program has been honored by county and state officials as a “Model of Academic Excellence.”

The program was one of 21 successful Riverside County educational programs highlighted during the Oct. 25 Tenth Annual Riverside County Educational Summit and Models of Academic Excellence Recognition Luncheon that saw over 400 educators turn out at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

The event was themed “K-12 College and Career Readiness for the 21st Century.”  

Great Oak's Intervention Program is designed to support struggling students with early intervention to help get back on track.

The program was first implemented at the high school during the 2010-11 year. According to Great Oak records, the program has resulted in a decrease in F grades, an increase in GPA and API, and dramatic gains in test scores. 

Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, praised the 21 outstanding Riverside County educational programs recognized at the event.

“You are on the cutting edge in Riverside County,” Torlakson said. “These programs combine rigor with excellence, and we know that is a pathway for students to college and careers.”

Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Young said Riverside County students score better each year on state academic achievement tests, but more needs to be done to help prepare them for college and careers. The programs highlighted during the event have proven successful in improving student achievement and can be replicated countywide, he said.

The Summit’s keynote speaker, Willard Daggett, CEO of the International Center for Leadership in Education, said not just Riverside County and California, but the nation is looking to schools to train workers that will keep pace with economic competitors like Japan, China and India.

“Education is the key to economic success,” Daggett said, and that puts more pressure on schools to improve faster.


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